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Apart, 1) separately, by one's self: “stay, stand a.; I know not which is which,” Err. V, 364. “I keep it lonely, a.” Wint. V, 3, 18. “each man a., all single and alone,” Tim. V, 1, 110. resolve yourselves a. (== without me), Mcb. III, 1, 137. Caesar's will? hear it a. (not in the presence of others) Ant. III, 13, 47. some nobler token I have kept a. (not put in the inventory, kept back) Ant. V, 2, 168.
2) at or to a distance from the other company, or from the place in question, off, back: “go a., Adam, and thou shalt hear how he will shake me up,” As I, 1, 29. to put a. these your attendants (== to send away) Wint. II, 2, 14. stand all a. (== stand back) R2 III, 3, 187. H6B III, 2, 242. R3 IV, 2, 1. Oth. IV, 1, 75. “drew myself a.” Tit. V, 1, 112. “In private will I talk with thee a.” H6A I, 2, 69. “get thee a. and weep,” Caes. III, 1, 282. “to draw a. the body,” Hml. IV, 1, 24. go but a. (withdraw with me), Hml. IV, 5, 203. “to draw the Moor a.” Oth. II, 3, 391. “go with me a., I will withdraw,” III, 3, 476. a. upon our knees (== let us withdraw and fall on our knees) Cymb. IV, 2, 288.
3) aside: “thy godhead laid a.” As IV, 3, 44. “all reverence set a. to him,” John III, 1, 159. “lay a. the borrowed glories,” H5 II, 4, 78. “to lay a. their particular functions,” III, 7, 41. to lay his gay comparisons a. Ant. 3, 13, 3, 13 Henry put a. (made away with) H6B III, 1, 383.
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