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Injurious, 1) wrongful, unjust: “by whose i. doom my brother was done to death,” H6C III, 3, 101.
2) detractory, hurting reputation, insulting: “i. duke, that threatest where's no cause,” H6B I, 4, 51. “i. Margaret,” H6C III, 3, 78. “call me a traitor! thou i. tribune,” Cor. III, 3, 69. “i. thief, hear but my name,” Cymb. IV, 2, 86.
3) hurtful, offensive, mischievous, pernicious, contrary to beneficial: “robbed and ransacked by i. theft,” Lucr. 838. “i. shifting time,” Lucr. 838 “i. distance should not stop my way,” Sonn. 44, 2. “with time's i. hand crushed,” 63, 2. “i. wasps, to feed on such sweet honey and kill the bees,” Gent. I, 2, 106. “O i. love, that respites me a life,” Meas. II, 3, 40. “i. world!” IV, 3, 127. “i. Hermia!” Mids. III, 2, 195. “like a false traitor and i. villain,” R2 I, 1, 91. “i. time now with a robber's haste crams his rich thievery up,” Troil. IV, 4, 44. “the i. Gods,” Ant. IV, 15, 76. “the i. Romans did extort this tribute,” Cymb. III, 1, 48.
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