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Pack, vb. 1) to place close together for some purpose: “the gifts she looks from me are --ed and locked up in my heart,” Wint. IV, 4, 369. “where the bones of all my buried ancestors are --ed,” Rom. IV, 3, 41. With up: “cushions, leaden spoons . . . these slaves p. up,” Cor. I, 5, 9 (== tie up for the purpose of carrying them away).
2) to load (properly with goods tied up): “and yet our horse not --ed,” H4A II, 1, 3. “our thighs --ed with wax, our mouths with honey,” H4B IV, 5, 77.
3) to be in readiness for going, and hence to go off in a hurry; to be gone: “p. night, peep day,” Pilgr. 209. “seek shelter, p.!” Wiv. I, 3, 91. “'tis time, I think, to trudge, p. and be gone,” Err. III, 2, 158. “the most courageous fiend bids me p.” Merch. II, 2, 11. Shr. II, 178. “or p. to their old playfellows,” H8 I, 3, 33. “hence, p.!” Tim. V, 1, 115. “will p. when it begins to rain,” Lr. II, 4, 81. --ed == gone: “the night so --ed, I post unto my pretty,” Pilgr. 201. “he must not die till George be --ed with post-horse up to heaven,” R3 I, 1, 146. to be --ing == to go away: “be --ing, therefore, thou that wast a knight,” H6A IV, 1, 46. “are you --ing, sirrah? come hither,” Cymb. III, 5, 80. “and bid mine eyes be --ing with my heart,” H6B III, 2, 111. to send --ing == to send away: H4A II, 4, 328. H6B III, 1, 342. R3 III, 2, 63. to set --ing == to cause to go or be sent off in a hurry: “this man will set me --ing,” Hml. III, 4, 211.
4) to sort or shuffle in an unfair manner: “she has --ed cards with Caesar,” Ant. IV, 14, 19 (O. Edd. Caesars). Absol., == to practise deceitful collusion, to plot: “here's --ing, to deceive us all,” Shr. V, 1, 121. “go p. with him,” Tit. IV, 2, 155. --ed == confederate in a plot: “that goldsmith there, were he not --ed with her, could witness it,” Err. V, 219. “who was --ed in all this wrong,” Ado V, 1, 308.
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