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Ragged, 1) rent or worn into tatters: “r. sails,” Merch. II, 6, 18. “more r. than an old faced ancient,” H4A IV, 2, 33. “r. curtains,” H5 IV, 2, 41.
2) wearing tattered clothes, and hence == beggarly, wretched: thy smoothing titles (turn) “to a r. name,” Lucr. 892. “a wretched r. man,” As IV, 3, 107. “the rest were r., old and beggarly,” Shr. IV, 1, 140. “as r. as Lazarus,” H4A IV, 2, 27. “thou art a very r. Wart,” H4B III, 2, 152. “a r. appearance,” H4B III, 2, 152 “a r. and forestalled remission,” V, 2, 38. “four or five most vile and r. foils,” H5 IV Chor. H5 IV Chor. “the r. soldiers,” H6B IV, 1, 90. “a r. multitude,” IV, 4, 32.
3) rugged, uneven: “a r. bough,” Ven. 37. “a r. fearful hanging rock,” Gent. I, 2, 121. “r. horns,” Wiv. IV, 4, 31. “my r. prison walls,” R2 V, 5, 21. hold of r. stone, H4B Ind. R2 V, 5, 21 their (the rocks') “r. sides,” H6B III, 2, 98. “the r. staff,” V, 1, 203. “a r. rock,” H6C V, 4, 27. rude r. nurse (the Tower) R3 IV, 1, 102. “the r. entrails of the pit,” Tit. II, 3, 230. “on the r. stones,” V, 3, 133. Metaphorically, == rough: “winter's r. hand,” Sonn. 6, 1. “my voice is r.” As II, 5, 15. “the --st hour that time and spite dare bring,” H4B I, 1, 151.
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