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Royalty, 1) the office and dignity of a king: “for --'s repair,” Wint. V, 1, 31. “is this the government of Britain's isle, and this the r. of Albion's king?” H6B I, 3, 48. “lose the r. of England's throne,” R3 III, 4, 42. “married your r., was wife to your place,” Cymb. V, 5, 39. Used of the office of a duke: Tp. I, 2, 104.
2) a title of kings, == majesty: “sweet r.” LLL V, 2, 670. “I have stayed to tire your r.” Wint. I, 2, 15. “this morsel of dead r.” John IV, 3, 143. “swearing allegiance to stranger blood, to foreign r.” V, 1, 11. “thus his r. doth speak in me,” V, 2, 129. “mingled his r. with capering fools,” H4A III, 2, 63. “have seen the well-appointed king embark his r.” H5 III Chor. H5 III Chor.*“whose health and r. I pray for,” H8 II, 3, 73. “take vanity the puppet's part against the r. of her father,” Lr. II, 2, 40. your r. holds idleness your subject, Ant, I, 3, 91.
3) a deportment becoming a king: “that an invisible instinct should frame them to r. unlearned,” Cymb. IV, 2, 178. And in general, == nobleness: “in his r. of nature reigns that which would be feared,” Mcb. III, 1, 50.
4) royal birth, high extraction: “setting aside his high blood's r.” R2 I, 1, 58. “by the --es of both your bloods,” III, 3, 107. Abstr. pro concr. == persons of royal birth or rank; kings: “a branch and member of this r.” H5 V, 2, 5. “to the succeeding r. he leaves the healing benediction,” Mcb. IV, 3, 155 (== to the succeeding kings).
5) emblem of kingly dignity: that high r. (i. e. the crown) “was ne'er plucked off,” John IV, 2, 5. “did give him that same r. he wears,” H4A IV, 3, 55. “this long usurped r. from the dead temples of this bloody wretch have I plucked off,” R3 V, 5, 4 (Ff and later Qq --es). Plur. --es == regalia, and then feudal rights in general: “of temporal --es he thinks me now incapable,” Tp. I, 2, 110. “the dominations, --es and rights of this oppressed boy,” John II, 176. “the --es and rights of banished Hereford,” R2 II, 1, 190. “my rights and --es plucked from my arms,” II, 3, 120. “his coming hither hath no further scope than for his lineal --es,” III, 3, 113. In R3 V, 5, 4 Ff and later Qq --es, Q1 r.
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