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Safely, 1) without injury, fortunately, happily: “s. in harbour is the king's ship,” Tp. I, 2, 226. “we have s. found our king and company,” V, 221. “my ships are s. come to road,” Merch. V, 288. “God, and not we, hath s. fought,” H4B IV, 2, 121 (without any bloodshed). “see them guarded and s. brought to Dover,” H6A V, 1, 49. H6B IV, 1, 114. “God s. quit her of her burthen,” H8 V, 1, 70. “that my teaching and the strong course of my authority might go one way, and s.” V, 3, 36 (both undamaged). “has clucked thee to the war, and s. home,” Cor. V, 3, 163. “letting go s. by the divine Desdemona,” Oth. II, 1, 72. “that the gods would s. deliver me from this place,” Per. IV, 6, 191.
2) without danger; or rather without fear of danger or offence, securely (German: ruhig)“: go s. on to seek thy son,” Tp. II, 1, 327. “running out, that was s. within,” LLL III, 117. “I was thinking with what manners I might s. be admitted,” All's IV, 5, 94. “how can tyrants s. govern home, unless abroad they purchase great alliance?” H6C III, 3, 69. “then reason s. with you,” Cor. I, 9, 58. “if Brutus will vouchsafe that Antony may s. come to him,” Caes. III, 1, 131. “to be s. thus,” Mcb. III, 1, 49. “go s. on,” Hml. IV, 4, 8 (German: marschirt nur ruhig vorwärts. Qq softly). “what safe and nicely I might well delay,” Lr. V, 3, 144 (the suffix ly belonging to both words). “can we with manners ask what was the difference? S., I think,” Cymb. I, 4, 58. and might so s. (have staked the ring) “had it been all the worth . . . ,” V, 5, 190.
3) so as to prevent danger or escape, carefully, closely: “I have with such provision in mine art so s. ordered,” Tp. I, 2, 29. “I'll keep him dark and s. locked,” All's IV, 1, 104. “to keep him s. till his day of trial,” R2 IV, 153. “had all your quarters been as s. kept,” H6A II, 1, 63. “s. stowed,” Hml. IV, 2, 1. “placed it s.” V, 2, 52.
In both words, safe and safely, the line of demarcation between adjective and adverb scarcely discernible; see f. i. Tp. V, 221. LLL III, 117. Cor. V, 3, 163. Oth. II, 1, 72. cf. Appendix.
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