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ADJECTIVES in -ful, -less, -ble, and -ive, both actively and passively used

Adjectives, especially those ending in ful, less, ble, and ive, have both an active and a passive meaning; just as we still say, "a fearful (pass.) coward," and "a fearful (act.) danger."

“To throw away the dearest thing he owed,
As 'twere a careless trifle.

“Such helpless harmes yt's better hidden keep.” SPEN. F. Q. i. 5. 42.

“Even as poor birds deceived with painted grapes,
. . . . . . . .
Like those poor birds that helpless berries saw.

; Rich. III. i. 2. 13.

“Upon the sightless couriers of the air.

“How dare thy joints forget
To pay their awful duty to our presence?

"Terrible" is "frightened" in Lear, i. 2. 32; "dreadful," "awe-struck," Hamlet, i. 2. 207; "thankful" is "thankworthy," P. of T. v. 1. 285. So "unmeritable" (act. Rich. III. iii. 7. 155; J. C. iv. 1. 12); "medicinable" (act. Tr. and Cr. iii. 3. 44); "sensible" (pass. Macb. ii. 1. 36; Hamlet, i. 1. 57); "insuppressive" (pass. J. C. ii. 1. 134); "plausive" (pass. Hamlet, i. 4. 30); "incomprehensive" (pass. Tr. and Cr. iii. 3. 198); "respective" (act. R. and J. iii. 1. 128; pass. T. G. of V. iv. 4. 200); "unexpressive" (pass. A. Y. L. iii. 2. 10); "comfortable" (act. Lear, i. 4. 328); "deceivable" (act. R. II. ii. 3. 84; T. N. iv. 3. 21).

"Probable," "contemptible," and "artificial," are active in--

“The least of all these signs were probable.

“'Tis very probable that the man will scorn it, for he hath
a very contemptible spirit.

“We, Hermia, like two artificial gods
Have with our needles created both one flower.

Hence even

“The intrenchant air.

"Unprizable" (T. N. v. 1. 58) means "not able to be made a prize of, captured."

"Effect" (Rich. III. i. 2. 120) seems used for "effecter" or "agent" if the text is correct.

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