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VERBS, MOODS OF:-- Noun and infinitive used as subject or object

Noun and infinitive used as subject or object.

It might be thought that this was a Latinism. But a somewhat similar use of the infinitive with a noun in impersonal sentences is often found in E. E. and, though rarely, in A. -S. “No wondur is a lewid man to ruste.” CHAUCER, C. T. 504. “It is ful fair a man to bear him even.” Ib. 1525. “It spedith one man for to die for be puple.” WICKLIFFE, St John xviiii. 14. (So Mätzner, but Bagster has "that o man,") i.e. "that one man should die."

“It is the lesser fault, modesty finds,
Women to change their shapes than men their minds.

“As in an early spring
We see the appearing buds which to prove fruit
Hope gives not so much warrant as despair
That frosts will bite them.

This to prove true
I do engage my life.

“Be then desir'd
A little to disquantity your train,
And the remainder that shall still depend
To be such men that shall besort your age.

In the following instance "brags of" is used like "boasts:"

“Verona brags of him
To be a virtuous and well-govern'd youth.

“I have deserv'd
All tongues to talk their bitterest.

“(This) is all as monstrous to our human reason
As my Antigonus to break his grave.” Ib. v. 1. 42.

“O that self-chain about his neck
Which he foreswore most monstrously to have.

; Rich. III. iv. 4. 337. Add perhaps

“The duke
Will never grant this forfeiture to hold,

though "forfeiture" may be personified, and "grant" used like "allow." We retain this use, but transpose "for" in "for to" (see the example from Wickliffe above) and place it before the noun or pronoun:

For me to put him to his purgation would perhaps plunge him
into far more choler.

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