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IRREGULARITIES. Other confusions of two constructions

Other confusions of two constructions.

“Why I do trifle thus with his despair
Is done to cure it,

combines "Why I trifle is to cure" and "My trifling is done to cure." In itself it is illogical.

“The battle done, and they within our power
Shall never see his pardon,

is a confusion of "lct the battle be done, and they" and "the battle (being) done, they."

“I saw not better sport these seven years day.

A combination of "since this day seven years" and "during these seven years."

“Out of all 'cess (excess),

is a confusion of "to excess," or "in excess," and "out of all bounds." "So late ago," T. N. v. 1. 22, seems a combination of "so lately" and "so short a time ago,"

“Marry that, I think, be young Petruchio,

is a confusion of "That, I think, is" and "I think that that be." For the subjunctive after "think," see Subjunctive, 368 and 299.

So, perhaps,

“This youth, howe'er distressed, appears he hath had
Good ancestors,

is a confusion of "He hath had, (it) appears, good ancestors," and "He appears to have had." This is, perhaps, better than to take "appears" as an active verb. See 295. Precisely similar is:

“Let what is meet be said, it must be meet.

combining "Let what is meet be said to be" and "Let it be said (that) what is meet must be meet."

Compare 353, and add, as a confusion of the infinitive and imperative,

“There is no more but (to) say so.

In "We would have had you heard," Ib. III. iii. 5. 56, there may be some confusion between "you should have heard" and "we would have had you hear;" but more probably the full construction is "We would have had you (to have) heard (360)," and "to have" is omitted through dislike of repetition. So Coriol. iv. 6. 35 (415): "We should . . . found it so."

Compare also “He would have had me (to have) gone into the steeple-house.” FOX'S Journal (ed. 1765), p. 57. “He would have had me (to have) had a meeting.” Ib. p. 60.

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