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IRREGULARITIES. Transposition in noun clauses

Transpositions in Noun-clauses containing two nouns connected by "of." It has been observed in 412 that two nouns connected by "of" are often regarded as one. Hence sometimes pronominal and other adjectives are placed before the whole compound noun instead of, as they strictly should be, before the second of the two nouns.

“Yet that thy brazen gates of heaven may ope.

“My pith of business.

“The tribunes have pronounced
My everlasting doom of banishment.

“Let it stamp wrinkles in her brow of youth.

“My latter part of life.

“My whole course of life.

“I will presently go learn their day of marriage.

“Thy bruising irons of wrath.

“Thy ministers of chastisement.” Ib. 113. “In my prime of youth.” Ib. 119.

“Thy heat of lust.

“My home of love.

“And punish them to your height of pleasure.

“His means of death, his obscure funeral.

i.e. "the means of his death."

“What is your cause of distemper?

“Your sovereignty of reason.” Ib. i. 4. 73. (See 200.)

“My better part of man.

“His chains of bondage.

“Your state of fortune and your due of birth.

This is perhaps illustrated by

“What country-man?

; T. of Sh. i. 2. 190. for "a man of what country?"

The possessive adjective is twice repeated in

“Her attendants of her chamber.


“This cause of Rome,

does not mean "this cause as distinguished from other causes of Rome," but "this, the Roman cause." Somewhat similar is

Your reproof
Were well deserv'd of rashness,

where we should say "the reproof of your rashness" (unless "of" here means "about," "for").

“The idea of her life shall sweetly creep
Into his study of imagination.

i.e. "the study of his imagination."

“Our raiment and state of bodies.

“More than ten criers, and six noise of trumpets.” B. J. Sejan. v. 7.

The compound nature of these phrases explains, perhaps, the omission of the article in

“Hath now himself met with the fall-of-leaf.

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