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SUFFIXES. -ly; -ment; -ness; -y

-Y is found appended to a noun to form an adjective.

“Slumbery agitation.

“Unheedy haste.

In "Batty wings," M. N. D. iii. 2. 365, "batty" seems to mean "like those of bats." "Wormy beds," ib. iii. 2. 384, is "worm-filled." "Vasty," in "the vasty fields of France," Hen. V. Prologue, 12; 1 Hen. IV. iii. 1. 52, is perhaps derived from the noun "vast," Tempest, i. 2. 327; Hamlet, i. 2. 198. "Womby vaultages," Henry V. ii. 4. 124: i.e. "womb-like."

Y appended to adjectives of colour has a modifying force like -ish:

“Their paly flames.

“His browny locks.

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