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ARTICLE. The omitted after prepositions

The is also omitted after prepositions in adverbial phrases.

“At door.

; T. of Sh. iv. 1. 125.

“At palace.

“At height.

“Ere I went to wars.

“To cabin.

“The grace 'fore meat and the thanks at end.

“You were in presence then.

i.e. "in the presence-chamber."

“And milk comes frozen home in pail.

“With spectacles on nose and pouch on side.

“This day was viewed in open as his queen.

“He foam'd at mouth.

“Sticks me at heart.

“Exeunt in manner as they entered.” Ib. ii. 4. 242.

“Than pard or cat-o'-mountain.

And with adjectives:

“In humblest manner.

“In first rank.

"In pail" is as justifiable as "in bed," except that the former, not being so common as the latter, has not the same claim to the adverbial brevity which dispensed with the article. Both are adverbial phrases, one of which has been accepted, the other rejected. Thus in

“Stealing unseen to west with this disgrace.

"to-west" is as much an adverb as "west-ward."

Sometimes a possessive adjective is thus omitted:

“Not Priamus and Hecuba on knees.

So in E. E. "a-knee." Compare our "I have at hand."

Perhaps this may explain the omission of "the" after "at" in

“We are familiar at first.

where "at first" is not opposed to "afterwards" (as it is with us), but means "at the first," or rather "from the first," "at once."

The omission of "the" in

“On one and other side Trojan and Greek
Sets all on hazard.

is in accordance with our idiom, "one another" and "each other."

On the other hand, where "the" is emphatic, meaning "that" or "the right," it is sometimes inserted before "one."

Morocco. How shall I know if I do choose the right?
Portia. The one of them contains my picture, prince.

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