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CONJUNCTIONS. As parenthetical == "for so"

As, in its demonstrative meaning of so, is occasionally found parenthetically = "for so."

“This Jacob from our holy Abraham was
(As1 his wise mother wrought in his behalf)
The third possessor.

“Who dares receive it other--
As we shall make our griefs and clamours roar
Upon his death?

i.e. "so did his mother work;" "so will we make our griefs roar."

“The fixure of her eye has motion in 't,
As we are mock'd with art.

There seems some confusion in the difficult passage

“Speak truly, on thy knighthood and thy oath,
As so defend thee heaven and thy valour.

In the similar line 34 as is omitted. This would lead us to conjecture "and." But perhaps the marshal was beginning to say "speak truly as may heaven defend thee," but diverged into the more ordinary "so," which was the customary mode of invocation. In that case the meaning will be "as thou wouldst desire the fulfilment of thy praycr, 'so help me heaven.'"

So in

Duke. If this be so (as, yet, the glass seems true)
I shall have share in this most happy wreck.

The Duke has called the appearance of the twins "a natural perspective that is and is not" (ib. 224), i.e. a glass that produces an optical delusion of two persons instead of one. He now says: "if they are two, brother and sister (and indeed, spite of my incredulity, the perspective or glass seems to be no delusion), then I shall," &c. The curious introduction of the "wreck" suggests that the glass called up the thought of the "pilot's glass." (M. for M. ii. 1. 168.)

An ellipsis must be supplied in

“Had I but time (which I have not)--as this fell sergeant,
Is strict in his arrest.

1 Comp. οἷον ὲξαρτν́ετα. γάμον γαμεϊν.--ÆSCH. Prom. Vinct. 903.

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