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PREPOSITIONS. For == "to prevent"

(II.) For (in opposition to): hence "to prevent." “And over that an habergeon for percing of his herte.” CHAUCER, Sire Thopas, 13790.Love. Is there an officer there?
Off. Yes, two or three for failing.” B. J. Alch. v. 3.

“The which he will not every hour survey
For blunting the fine point of seldom pleasure.

“We'll have a bib for spoiling of thy doublet.” B. and F. (Nares).

So it is said of Procrustes, that if his victim was too long for the bed, "he cut off his legs for catching cold."--Euphues (Malone).

It can be proved that Sir T. North regarded for as meaning "in spite of," since he translates "Mais, nonobstant toutes ces raisons," by "But, for all these reasons," (N. P. 172); where the context also shows beyond dispute that for has this meaning. On the other hand, in

“All out of work and cold for action,

for seems to mean "for want of," unless "out of work and cold" can be treated as equivalent to "eager," which would naturally be followed by for.

For is found in E. E. in this sense, but perhaps always with the emphatic "all."

For in this sense is sometimes used as a conjunction:

“For all he be a Roman.

i.e. "Despite that he be a Roman."

For may either mean "against" or (149) "for what concerns" in

“I warrant him for drowning.

We still retain the use of for in the sense of in spite of, as in "for all your plots I will succeed." Such phrases, however, frequently contain a negative, in which case it is difficult to ascertain whether for means because of or in spite of.

“My father is not dead for all your saying.

“(The stars) will not take their flight
For all the morning light.” MILTON, Hymn on the Nativity.

It is a question how to punctuate “To fall off
From their Creator and transgress his will
For one restraint lords of the world besides.” MILTON, P. L. i. 32. If a comma be placed after "will," and not after "restraint," then "besides" should be treated as though it were "except" or "but:" "Lords of the world but for one restraint."

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