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PREPOSITIONS. Of == "concerning;" "about"

Of passes easily from meaning "as regards" to "concerning," "about."

“Mine own escape unfoldeth to my hope
The like of him.

“You make me study of that.

“'Tis pity of him.

; A. and C. i. 4. 71.

“'Twere pity of my life.

“I wonder of there being together.” Ib. iv. 1. 128. “Wise of (informed of) the payment day.” B. E.

“He shall never more
Be fear'd of doing harm.

“The same will, I hope, happen to me, of death.” MONTAIGNE, 36. i.e. "with respect to death."

“I humbly do desire your grace of pardon.

“I shall desire you of more acquaintance.

; A. Y. L. v. 4. 56.

For this use of "desire" compare A. V. St. John xii. 21, "they desired him saying," where Wickliffe has "preieden," "prayed."

“I humbly do beseech you of your pardon.

“The dauphin whom of succours we entreated.

“Yet of your royal presence I'll adventure
To borrow of a week.

“We'll mannerly demand thee of thy story.

“Enquire of him.

i.e. "about him." “Discern of the coming on of years.” B. E. 105.

“Having determined of the Volsces and, &c.

“I'll venture so much of my hawk or hound.

“Since of your lives you set
So slight a valuation.


“No more can you distinguish of a man
Than of his outward show,

the meaning seems to be, "you can make no distinctions about men more than," i.e. "except, about their appearances." So

“Since my soul could of men distinguish.

In the following passages we should now use "for:"-- “France whereof England hath been an overmatch.” B. E. 113.

“I have no mind of feasting.

“In change of him.

“Of this my privacy I have strong reasons.

“In haste whereof, most heartily I pray
Your highness to assign our trial day.

As we say "what will become of (about) me!" so

“What will betide of me.

We say "power over us," not

“The sovereign power you have of us.

"I have an eye on him," not “Nay, then, I have an eye of you.” Ib. 301.

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