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PREPOSITIONS. To "motion to the side of," "against," "towards," "in comparison with," "up to"

To hence, even without a verb of motion, means "motion to the side of." Hence "motion to and consequent rest near," as in

“Like yourself
Who ever yet have stood to charity.

“To this point I stand.

“I beseech you, stand to me.

i.e. "Come and stand by me, help me."

Motion against in:

“The lady Beatrice hath a quarrel to you.

So T. N. iii. 4. 248; Coriol. iv. 5. 113.

Motion to meet: “To her doom she dares not stand.” B. and F. Fair Sh. v. 1.

Motion toward:

“What wouldst thou have to Athens?

“To Milan let me hear from thee by letters.

Hence "by the side of," "in comparison with."

“Impostors to true fear.

i.e. "Impostors when brought to the side of, and compared with, true fear."

“There is no woe to his correction,
Nor to his service no such joy on earth.

“The harlot's cheek, beautied with plastering art,
Is not more ugly to the thing that helps it
Than is my deed to my most painted word.

In “Treason can but peep to what it would,
Acts little of his will,” Ib. iv. 5. 125. either to means "towards," an unusual construction with "peep," or the meaning is "treason can do nothing more than peep in comparison with what it wishes to do."

“Undervalued to tried gold.

Hence "up to," "in proportion to," "according to."

“The Greeks are strong and skilful to their strength.

“That which we have we prize not to the worth.

To's power he would
Have made them mules.

“Perform'd to point the tempest that I bade thee.

“He needs not our mistrust, since he delivers
Our offices and what we have to do
To the direction just.

Hence "like."

“My lady, to the manner of the days,
In courtesy gives undeserving praise.

“Looked it of the hue
To such as live in great men's bosoms?” B. J. Sejan. v. 1. “This is right to (exactly like) that (saying) of Horace.” B. J. E. out &c. ii. 1.

To seems to mean "even up to" in

“And make my senses credit thy relation
To points that seem unpossible.

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