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PRONOUNS, PERSONAL. Pronoun in other cases

Insertion of Pronoun. Even where there is no intervening conjunctional clause, the pronoun is frequently inserted after a proper name as the subject. More rarely, the subject is a common noun. Still more rarely, the pronoun is inserted after the object.

The subject or object stands first, like the title of a book, to call the attention of the reader to what may be said about it. In some passages the transition may be perceived from the exclamatory use

“O thy vile lady!
She has robbed me of my sword,

to the semi-exclamation:

“For God he knows.

; 1. 10; 1. 26.

“Where Heaven he knows how we shall answer him.

(So T. G. of V. iv. 4. 112, and

“God, I pray him.

The object (as in the last example) precedes in

“My sons, God knows what has bechanced them.

“Senseless trees they cannot hear thee,
Ruthless beasts they will not cheer thee.

) and hence to passages of simple statement:

“The skipping king he ambled up and down.

“Of six preceding ancestors that gem
Conferr'd by testament to the sequent issue
Hath it been owed and worn.

“But this same Cassio, though he speak of comfort
Touching the Turkish loss, yet he looks sadly.

But many such passages of simple statement may be regarded as abridgments of the construction with "for," "of," or some other preposition:

“For your intent . . . it is most retrograde to our desires.

For my voice, I have lost it with halloing and singing of

So "For (as regards) your brother, he shall go with me," might become

“Your brother he shall go along with me.

; Rich. II. ii. 2. 80; 1 Hen. IV. ii. 4. 442.


“Of Salisbury, who can report of him?

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