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RELATIVAL CONSTRUCTIONS. "Such--that;" "such--where"

Such that; so . . . that (rel.); such . . . where. Hence such is used with other relatival words:

“Such allowed infirmities that honesty
Is never free of.

“To such a man
That is no flaming tell-tale.

“For who so firm that cannot be seduced.

“His mother was a witch, and one so strong
That could control the moon.

; ib. 315

“But no perfection is so absolute
That some impunity doth not pollute.

“Who's so gross
That seeth not this palpable device?

“Such things were
That were most precious to me.

“For no man well of such a salve can speak
That heals the wound and cures not the disgrace.

Coriol. iii. 2. 55; T. G. of V. iv. 4. 70; A. W. i. 3. 221; Lear, ii. 2. 127; Othello, iii. 3. 417.

Hence it seems probable that that is the relative, having for its antecedent the previous sentence, in the following passages from Spenser:-- “Whose loftie trees yclad with summer's pride
Did spred so broad that heaven's light did hide.” F. Q. i. 1. 7. “(He) Shook him so hard that forced him to speak.” Ib. 42. Similarly

“And the search so slow
Which could not trace them.

The licence in the use of these words is illustrated by--

“In me thou seest the twilight of such day
As, after sunset, fadeth in the west,
Which by and by black night doth take away.
In me thou seest the glowing of such fire
That on the ashes of his youth doth lie
As on the death-bed.

In the first case such as is used, because which follows; in the second, such that, because as follows. So Hamlet, iii. 4. 41-46:
Such an act that . . . . such a deed as.

Such, so, where: “Soch a schoole where the Latin tonge were properly and
perfitlie spoken.” ASCH. 45.

“In no place so unsanctified
Where such as thou mayest find him.

“So narrow where one but goes abreast.

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