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Accented monosyllabic prepositions  

Accented Monosyllabic Prepositions. Walker (Crit. on Shakespeare, ii. 173-5) proves conclusively that "of" in "out of" frequently has the accent. Thus: “The fount out of which with their holy hands.” B. and F. “Into a relapse; or but suppose out of.MASSINGER. “Still walking like a ragged colt,
And oft out of a bush doth bolt.” DRAYTON.

Many other passages quoted by Walker are doubtful, but he brings forward a statement of Daniel, who, remarking that a trochee is inadmissible at the beginning of an iambic verse of four feet, instances:

Yearly out of his wat'ry cell,
which shows that he regarded "out óf" as an iambus. Walker conjectures "that the pronunciation (of monosyllabic prepositions) was in James the First's time beginning to fluctuate, and that Massinger was a partisan of the old mode." Hence, probably, the prepositions received the accent in “Such mén | as hé | be né | ver át | heart's éase.” J. C. i. 1. 208. “Therefóre (490), | out óf | thy lóng | expér | ienc'd tíme.” R. and J. iv. 1. 60; Coriol. i. 10. 19. “Vaunt cóur | iers | oak-cléav | ing thún | der-bólts.” Lear, iii. 2. 5. So Hen. VIII. iii. 2. 431, 438. “To bríng | but fíve | and twén | ty; | no móre.” Lear, ii. 4. 251.Lor. Who únd | ertákes | you | your end. |
Vaux. Prepáre there.” Hen. VIII. ii. 2. 97.

For this reason I think it probable that "to" in "in-to," "un-to," sometimes receives the accent, thus: “That év | er lóve | did máke | thee rún | intó.A. Y. L. ii. 4. 35. “Came thén | intó | my mínd, | and yét | my mínd.” Lear, iv. 1. 36. “Fán you | intó | despáir. | Have the pów | er stíll.” Coriol. iii. 3. 127. “I had thóught, | by mák | ing thís | well knówn | untó you.” Lear, i. 4. 224; M. of V. v. 1. 169. “By thís | vile cón | quest sháll | attaín | untó.J. C. v. 5. 38; Rich. III. iii. 5. 109. “Discúss | untó | me. A'rt | thou óff | icér?” Hen. V. iv. 1. 38. (But this is Pistol.)

With in "without" seems accented in “That wón | you wíth | out blóws.” Coriol. iii. 3. 133.

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