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LENGTHENING OF WORDS. Monosyllables, other instances of prolongation

Monosyllables are rarely prolonged except as in the above instances. In some cases, however, as in "bath," "dance," a vowel varies very much in its pronunciation, and is often pronounced (though the incorrectness of the pronunciation would now be generally recognized) in such a way as to give a quasi-dissyllabic sound. “Yóu and | your crá | fts, yóu | have cráft | ed fáir.” Coriol. iv. 6. 118. “I'f that | yóu will | Fránce | wín,
Thén with | Scótland | fírst be | gín.” Hen. V. i. 2. 167.

In a few other cases monosyllables are, perhaps, prolonged: “You sháll | read ús | the wí | ll. Cæ's | ar's will!” J. C. iii. 2. 153.Cas. Cícer | o ón | e?
Mes. Cíc | eró | is déad.” Ib. iv. 3. 179. “I' will | éver | bé your | héad,
Só be | góne; | yóu are | spéd.” M. of V. ii. 9. 72. “Then sháll | the réalm | of A'lb | ión
Cóme | to gréat | confús | ión.” Lear, iii. 2. 92. “For óur | best áct. | I'f we | shall stá | nd still.” Hen. VIII. i. 2. 85. (Can "all" have dropped out after "shall?") “The thánk | ings óf | a kí | ng. I | am, sír.” Cymb. v. 5. 407. “Hére she | cómes, | cúrst and | sád:
Cúpid | ís a | knávish | lád.” M. N. D. iii. 2. 439.

"Well" (481) is prolonged as an exclamation, and perhaps there is a prolongation of the same sound in “Mélt | ed ás | the snów | séems to | me nów.” M. N. D. iv. 1. 163. So, in “The gó | ds, nót | the patríc | ians, máke | it, ánd,” Coriol. i. 1. 75. "gods" is probably prolonged by emphasis, and the second "the" is not accented. So "most" in “With Tí | tus Lárcius, | a mó | st vál | iant Róman.” Coriol. i. 2. 14. "Larcius" has probably but one accent. However, "a" appears sometimes to have the accent.

So, perhaps, “Ang. Where práy | ers cró | ss.
Isab. A't | what hóur | to-mórrow?” M. for M. ii. 2. 159.

"Drachm" (Folio "Drachme") is a dissyllable in “A't a | crack'd drách | m! Cúsh | ions, léad | en spóons.” Coriol. i. 5. 6.

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