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Metaphor expanded.--As every simile can be compressed into a metaphor, so, conversely, every metaphor can be expanded into its simile. The following is the rule for expansion. It has been seen above that the simile consists of four terms. In the third term of the simile stands the subject ("ship," for instance) whose unknown predicated relation ("action of ship on water") is to be explained. In the first term stands the corresponding subject ("plough") whose predicated relation ("action on land") is known. In the second term is the known relation. The fourth term is the unknown predicated relation which requires explanation. Thus--

the plough turns up the land, so the ship acts on the sea.
Known subject. Known predicate.   Subject whose predicate is unknown. Unknown predicate.

Sometimes the fourth term or unknown predicate may represent something that has received no name in the language. Thus, if we take the words of Hamlet, "In my mind's eye," the metaphor when expanded would become--

As the body is enlightened by the eye, so the mind is enlightened by a certain perceptive faculty.
  Known subject. Known predicate.   Subject whose predicate is unknown. Unknown predicate.

For several centuries there was no word in the Latin language to describe this "perceptive faculty of the mind." At last they coined the word "imaginatio," which appears in English as "imagination." This word is found as early as Chaucer; but it is quite conceivable that the English lan guage should, like the Latin, have passed through its best period without any single word to describe the "mind's eye."

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