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The Diuision.

THis state of right or wrong, is two waies deuided, whereof the one is, when the matter by the owne nature, is defended to be right, without any further seeking, called of the Rhetoricians, the state absolute.

The other (vsing little force or strength, to maintaine the matter) is, when outwarde helpe is sought, and by-wayes vsed to purchase fauour, called otherwise the state assumptiue.

    Places of Confirmation for the first kinde, are vij.

  1. Nature it selfe.
  2. Gods Law, and mans Law.
  3. Custome.
  4. Equitie.
  5. True dealing.
  6. Auncient examples.
  7. Couenauntes and deedes autentique.

TVllie in his most worthy Oration, made in behalfe of Milo, declares that Milo slue Clodius most lawfully, whom 98 The arte of Rhetorique. Clodius sought to haue slaine most wickedly. For (quoth Tullie) if nature haue graffed this in man, if Lawe haue confirmed it, if necessitie haue taught it, if custome haue kept it, if equitie haue maintained it, if true dealing hath allowed it, if all common weales haue vsed it, if deedes auncient haue sealed this vp, that euery creature liuing should fence it selfe against outward violence: no man can thinke that Milo hath done wrong, in killing of Clodius, except you think, that when men meete with theeues, either they must be slaine of them, or els condemned of you.

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