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Of Riuallus, Gurgustius, Sysillius, Iago, and Kinimaeus, rulers of Britaine by succession, and of the accidents coincident with their times.

The Seuenth Chapter.

RIUALLUS, the sonne of Cunedag, began to reigne ouer the Britaines in the yeare of
RIUALLUS THE 18. RULER. the world 3203, before the building of Rome 15, Ioathan as then being king of Iuda, and Phacea king of Israel. This Riuall gouerned the Iland in great welth and prosperitie. In his time it rained bloud by the space of thrée dales togither; after which raine ensued It rained bloud. Matth. West. such an excéeding number and multitude of flies, so noisome and contagious, that much people died by reason thereof. When he had reigned 46 yeares he died, and was buried at Caerbranke now called Yorke. In the time of this Riuals reigne was the citie of Rome Rome builded builded, after concordance of most part of writers. Perdix also a wizard, and a learned astrologian florished and writ his prophesies, and Herene also.

GURGUSTIUS, the son of the before named Riuall, began to gouerne the Britaines in the GURGUSTIUS THE 11 RULER. yeare after the creation of the world 3249, and after the first foundation of Rome 33, Ezechias reigning in Iuda. This Gurgustius in the chronicle of England, is called Gorbodian the sonne of Reignold, he reigned 37 yeares, then departing this life, was buried at Caerbranke (now called Yorke) by his father.

SYSILLIUS, or after some writers SYLUIUS, the brother of Gurgustius, was chosen to haue SYSILLIUS THE 18. RULER. the gouernance of Britaine, in the yere of the world 3287, and after the building of Rome 71, Manasses still reigning in Iuda. This Sysillius in the English chronicle is named Secill. He reigned 49 yeares, and then died, and was buried at Carbadon, now called Bath.

IAGO or LAGO, the cousin of Gurgustius, as next inheritor to Sysillius, tooke vpon him JACO THE 16. RULER. the gouernement of Britaine, in the yeare of the world 3336, and after the building of Rome 120, in whose time the citie of Ierusalem was taken by Nabuchodonozar and the king of Iuda, Mathania, otherwise called Zedechias, being slaine. This lago or Lago died without issue, when he had reigned 28 yeares, and was buried at Yorke.

KINIMACUS or KINMARUS the sonne of Sysillius as some write, or rather the brother of Iago KINIMACUS THE 17. RULER. began to gouerne the land of Britain, in the yere of the world 3364, and after the building of Rome 148, the Iewes as then being in the third yeare of their captiuitie of Babylon. This Kinimacus departed this life, after he had reigned 54 yeares, and was buried at Yorke.

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