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Anno. Reg. 7. with a candell, the snuffe falling in an hundred pounds weight of gun-powder, Houses shattered with gunpowder. thrée houses in Bucklersburie were sore shaken, and the maid died two daies after. The one and twentith of December began a frost, which continued so extremlie, The Thames frozen ouer. that ou Newyeares euen, people went ouer and alongst the Thames on the ise from London bridge to Westminster. Some plaied at the football as boldlie there, as if it had beene on the drie land: diuerse of the court being then at Westminster, shot dailie at pricks set vpon the Thames: and the people both men and women went on the Thames in greater numbers, than in anie stréet of the citie of London. On the third daie of Ianuarie at night it began to thaw, and on the fift daie was no ise to be seene betwéene London bridge and Lambeth, which sudden thaw caused. great floods and high waters, that bare downe bridges and houses, and drowned manie people in England: especiallie in Yorkshire, Owes bridge was borne awaie Owes bridge borne downe. with others.

Henrie Stuart married the quéene of Scots. The third daie of Februarie, Henrie Stuart lord Darleie, about the age of ninetéeneyeares, eldest soune to Matthew earle of Lineux (who went into Scotland at Whitsuntide before) hauing obteiued licence of the quéenes maiestie tooke his iourneie towards Scotland, accompanied with fiue of his fathers men, where when he came, he was honorablie receiued, and lodged in the kings lodgings, and in the summer following, he maried Marie quéen of Scotland. About this time, for the quée maiestie were chosen and sent commissioners to Bruges, the lord Montacute Commissioners chosen to go to Bruges. knight of the honorable order of the garter, doctor Wotton one of hir maiesties honourable councell, doctor Haddon one of the masters of requests to hir highnesse, with others: master doctor Aubreie was for the merchant aduenturers of England: they came to Bruges in Lent, Anno 1565, and continued there till Michaelmasse following, and then was the diet prolonged till March in the yeare 1556, and the commissioners returned into England.

1565 Lady Lineux sent to the tower. Standing watch at midsummer in London. The two and twentith of Aprill, the ladie Margarite countesse of Lineux, was commanded to kéepe hir chamber at the Whitehall, where she remained till the two and twentith of Iune, and then conueied by sir Francis Knolles and the gard to the tower of London by water. On s. Peters euen at night, was the like standing watch in London, as had béene on the same night twelue moueths past. The sixtéenth of Iulie, about nine of the clocke at night began a tempest of lightning and thunder, with showers of haile, which continued till three of the clocke in the next Tempest at Chelmesford of lighting, thunderand raine. morning, so terrible, that at Chelmesford in Essex 500 acres of corne was destroied, the glasse windowes on the east side of the towne, and of the west and south sides of the church were beaten downe, with the tilesof their houses also, besides diuerse barnes, chimneis, and the battlements of the church, which was ouerthrowne. The like harme was doone in manie other places, as at Leeds, Cranebroke, Douer, &c.

Christopher prince andmargraue of Baden, with Cicilie his wife sister to the king of Swethland, after a long and dangerous iournie, wherein they had trauelled The margraue of marques of Baden and his wife great with child come to London. almost eleuen months sailing from Stockholme, crossing the seas ouer iuto Lifeland, from whence by land they came about by Poland, Prussie, Pomerland, Meckelburgh, Friseland, and so to Antwerpe in Barbant, then to Calis, at the last in September landed at Douer, and the eleuenth daie of the same they came to London, and were lodged at the earle of Bedfords place neere to Iuie bridge, where within four daies after,that is to saie, the fiftéenth of September she trauelled in childbed, She is deliuered of a child. and was deliuered of a man child: which child the last of September was christened in the quéeues maiesties chappell of White hall at Weatminster, the quéenes maiestie in hir owne person being godmother, the archbishop of Canturburie, and the duke of Norffolke godfathers. At the christening the quéene gaue the child to name Edwardus Fortunatus: for that God had so gratiouslie assisted his mother, The quéene giueth the name. in so long and dangerous a iournie, and brought hir safe to land in that place, which she most desired, and that in so short time before hir deliuerance.

The eleuenth of Nouember, the right honorable Ambrose earle of Warwike Mariage of the earle of Warwike. maried Anne eldest daughter to the earle of Bedford. For the honor and celebration of which noble mariage, a goodlie chalenge was made and obserued at Westminster at the tilt, each one six courses: at the tournie twelue strokes with the sword, thrée pushed with the punchion staffe: and twelue blowes with the sword at barriers, or twentie if anie were so disposed. At ten of the clocke at night the same daie a valiant seruiceable man called Robert Thomas, maister gunner of England, Robert Thomas maister gunner slaine by casualtie. desirous also to honour the feast and mariage daie (in consideration the said earle of Warwike was generall of theordinance within hir maiesties realmes and dominions) made three great traines of chamebrs, which terriblie yéelded foorth the nature of their voice, to the great astonishment of diuerse, who at the firing of the second was vnhappilie slaine by a péece of one of the chambers, to the great sorow and lamentation of manie.

The foure and twentith of December in the morning, there rose a great storme

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