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AFTER him succéeded in gouernment of the Scotish kingdome Constantine the brother
Constantine the first of that name is created king of Scots. of the aboue rehearsed Eugenius, a prince vnlike in noble vertues vnto his brother the said Eugenius. For though in him there appéered some good tokens of commendable towardlinesse, as he séemed outwardlie to shew, yet was he giuen more vnto wanton pleasure and lust, than to the regard of the good rule and gouernment of his subiects, a deflourer of virgins, a rauisher of honest matrones, and aboue all, a fauourer of backbiters and slanderers; neuer shewing anie ioifull countenance amongst his nobles, but amongst scoffing Constantine the Scotish king nothing like in noble conditions vnto Constantine king of the Britains. iesters and other vile persons he was as pleasant and merie as the iocundest man aliue. Thus though he represented the British king Constantine in name, yet in manners he far differed from him: for the British Constantine studieng to aduance the commonwealth of his subiects, trained them in laudable exercises, & reduced them from their former euill vsages vnto ciuill order and good customs. Contrariwise, the Scotish Constantine did nothing woorthie praise at all, after he was once instituted king, but followed still his owne inordinate lust and sensuall appetite.

He granted peace vnto the Britains they scarse requiring the same, releasing not onelie Peace granted vnto the Britains, and diuers castels deliuered into their hands. the tribute, but also deliuering vp into their hands by secret meanes diuers castels standing vpon the riuer of Humber. Manie other things he was about to haue doone to the great preiudice and hinderance of the Scotish estate, had not the nobles of the realme the sooner withstood his rash and vnaduised attempts. Such malice also was ingendred in the harts of the most part of the nobilitie towards him, that had it not béene through the wholesome admonition & persuasion of Dongall of Galloway, a noble man of right reuerend authoritie amongst them, they had leuied ciuill wars against him, but the foresaid Dongall declaring The good counsell of Dongall. to them the great danger and inconuenience that might thereof insue, restreined their wrathfull minds from enterprising anie thing against him by force, so that for certeine yéeres they suffered and bare with this his misordered gouernment.

In the meane while the Picts noting the want of all vertuous qualitiest hus in the king The Picts stand in feare of the king of Britaine. of Scots, and againe what tokens of valiant courage appéered in the king of the Britains, doubted least if he should séeke to reuenge old iniuries against them, they should be little able to match him without aid of the Scots (whereof they had small trust now, by reason of the insufficiencie of the Scotish king) they deuised a meane how to rid the British king out of the waie, and so appointing certeine slie fellowes to go into Britaine for the accomplish. ment of their deuised purpose, at length the same was brought to passe, as in the English chronicles ye shall find more at large, though in the same chronicles there is mention made but of one Pict that should woorke this feat, where the Scotish writers record of diuers, which neuerthelesse were apprehended, and after bound both hand and foot, were cast into a mightie great fire, and therein burnt to ashes in most miserable wise, as by the said Scotish writers it appéereth. The death of this Constantine king of Britains happened in the 15 Constantine the Scotish king is slaine by one whose daughter he had rauished. Anno 481. yéere of Constantine king of Scots, neiher liued he long after: for hauing rauished a noble mans daughter, borne in the westerne Iles, he was slaine by hir father in the night season, after he had reigned in great infamie for his reprochfull life, the space of 17 yéeres.

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