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AFTER Corbreid succéeded one Dardan, which for his huge stature was afterward surnamed the great. He was lineally descended frō Metellane, who was his great grandfather. The nobles and commons of the realme chose him to be their king, onelie for the good opinion they had conceiued of him in his predecessors daies, by whome he was had in great estimation, and had atchiued vnder him manie worthie enterprises, so that he was thought most meetest for the roome, considering the sonnes of Corbreid were not as yet come vnto ripe yeares to inioy the same. For the said Corbreid had three sons in all, Corbreid,
Corbreid his thrée sonnes. Tulcane, and Bréeke. The eldest had beene brought vp with Voada, quéene of the Britains, whereby he had learned the maners and vsages of the British nation, and therevpon was surnamed Gald; for so doo the Scotishmen vse euen vnto this day to name anie of their owne countriemen that hath learned the courtesie and maners of strange countries.

But to returne to Dardan, in the beginning of his reigne he gouerned the state by good indifferent iustice, but after he had continued therein by the space of two yeares, he began to fall into all kinds of vices, remoouing from offices such as were vpright bearers of Dardan falleth into all kind of vices. themselues in the same, and aduancing to their places bribers and extortioners. The nobles he had in suspect, fauoring onelie such as thorough flatterie were by him preferred. And where he was drowned beyond all the terms of honestie in fleshlie and sinfull lust, yet was his couetousnesse so great, that all was too little which he might lay hands vpon. He also His cosin Cadorus and other. The commons rebell. put to death diuers honorable personages, such as he perceiued to grudge at his dooings. He likewise purposed to haue made away the sonnes of his predecessor Corbreid, but his traitorous practise being disclosed, the most part of the nobles and commons of the realme rebelled against him, and sending for Corbreid Gald the eldest sonne of the former Corbreid, remaining as then in the Ile of Man (where he should haue béene murthered) they chose him to their king. And at length beating downe all such as made resistance, they got that cruell tyrant Dardan into their hands, & bringing him foorth before the multitude, they Dardan is beheaded. 75 H. B. 6 of Vespasian. H. B. caused his head to be openlie stricken off. This was the 81 yeare after the birth of our Sauiour, being the first of the emperour Domitian, & the fourth complet of his owne reigne ouer the Scotishmen.

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