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THIS Donwald hauing taken on him the roiall administration, transforming himselfe into
Donwald K. of Scotland. his fathers maners, restored againe into the former estate such things as apperteined vnto the common wealth, and had béene anie wise decaied and misgouerned by the slouthfull negligence of his predecessor Ferquhard, by means whereof he quicklie grew into great fauor of his subiects. In the meane time Cadwallo king of the Britains, and Penda king of those Englishmen which inhabited that part of England ancientlie called Mercia, ioining their powers togither against Edwin king of Northumberland, depriued him both of life and kingdome. King Edwin is slaine. After this, passing through the whole countrie, and entring into the confines of Pictland, they tooke a great part of the same by force of arms from Brudeus king of the Picts, who in vaine had sued for aid vnto Donwald king of Scotland, for that his vntruth had beene notified more than inough in times past. But Donwald being certified of Edwins death, made means vnto Cadwallo king of the Britains by his ambassadours, that Eufred the son of Edelfred might be restored vnto his fathers kingdome, which Edwin had wrongfullie vsurped.

This being granted, Eufred leauing his brethren still in Scotland, came into Northumberland, where by authoritie of Cadwallo and Penda he was inuested king of Bernicia, that is, of the countrie which is now called the marches. For at the same time they had diuided the kingdome of Northumberland into two kingdomes, appointing Eufred (as is said) to Eufred. Osrike an infidell. reigne ouer the one called Bernicia, and one Osrike ouer the other called Deira, a man of great wickednesse, as by his woorks most plainelie appeared. For certeine yeares after his aduancement to that dignitie, he found means to marie one of his daughters vnto the foresaid Eufred, persuading the same Eufred to consent with him in restoring againe the hethenish religion throughout their whole dominion, & vtterlie to renounce the christian faith, which they had latelie before receiued by the instructions of the two bishops Conan & Pauline. But they inioied not long felicitie after so wicked and most diuelish a purpose, for the princes of Albion vnder the leading of Cadwallo K. of the Britains, and Penda king of Mercia, with a great armie assembled of Saxons, Britains, and Picts, entring into Northumberland, and incountring in battell with Osrike and Eufred, discomfited their power, and tooke them prisoners, who being put into a common prison, slue each other to auoid sharper tortures, which by due execution they dailie looked for.

Then was the kingdome of Northumberland giuen vnto Oswald brother to Eufred, both in respect of the right which he had thereto, and also of the zeale which he bare to the aduancement of Christes religion, shewing himselfe in consideration thereof, an earnest enimie to his brother Eufred, and all his partakers, in so much that in the day of the battell, he was one of the forwardest capteins against them. Vnto this Oswald was sent a Scotishman called Corman, to instruct the Northumberland men in faith, and after him Aidan, as in the English historie ye may read more at large: finallie he was slaine by Penda king of Mercia, as in the same historie appeareth. His death chanced in the third yeare of Donwald 12. H. B. the Scotish king, who sore lamented the same, as of that prince whome he loued right intirelie. Neither liued the said king Donwald anie long time after the death of his deere friend; for that in the fifteenth yeare of his reigne, being got into a bote to fish in the water called Lochtaie for his recreation, his chance was to be drowned, by reason the bote sanke Donwald the Scotish king drowned. 645. H. B. vnder him. Certeine daies after, his bodie being found and taken vp, was buried amongst his ancestors in Colmekill, in the yeare of our Lord 647.

About the same time there liued in France thrée brethren of great holinesse of life, being sonnes vnto Philtan king of Ireland, the which he begot of his wife Galghetes, descended of the linage of the kings in Scotland. The names of which thrée brethren were as followeth, Furseus, Foilanus, and Vltanus. Furseus professing himselfe a moonke of saint Benets order, passed ouer into France, there to set foorth and inlarge that profession, and being receiued of king Clowis, began the foundation of a monasterie there called Latinie, in the which he placed moonks of that order, and began to sow in those parties the seeds of the gospell, but not without the darnell of mens traditions, as Iohn Bale saith in the 14 centurie of the British writers. His two brethren Foilan and Vltan followed him ouer into France, and both by word and example instructed the Frenchmen to imbrace the faith of Christ, and to renounce the religion of the gentiles.

So that it séemeth as yet, such as professed themselues to be moonks, and men of religion (as they were called) had not left off to labour in the Lords vineyard, spending their time in reading the scriptures, to instruct and teach others, and to exercise praier and thanksgiuing: so as no small number by their wholesome doctrine and good example were conuerted to the christian faith. Foilan at length was martyred in a monasterie which he had Anno 854. Sigebertus. Forsense monasterium. Strife about the celebrating of the feast of Easter. founded in France called Fosse. About the same time there was also a contention amongst them in Albion for kéeping of the Easter day, the Scotish bishops and some of the Britains varieng in their account from all other prelats of the west: but at length through persuasion of the pope they confessed their error (if it ought so to be taken) and consented to celebrate that feast according to the account of other nations. These things chanced in the daies of king Donwald.

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