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DORUADILLE being crowned king of the Scots, established a new league with the Britains,
Doruadille a louer of peace. Doruadille had pleasure in hunting. by sending his ambassadors vnto them: and with the Picts he renewed & confirmed the ancient aliance. He set all his pleasure on hunting and kéeping of hounds & greihounds, ordeining that euerie housholder should find him two hounds and one greihound. If a hunter chanced in following the game to lose an eie or a lim, so that he were not able to helpe himselfe after that time, he made a statute that he should be found of the common treasurie. He that killed a woolfe should haue an oxe for his paines. This beast in déed The reward for killing of a woolfe. the Scotishmen, euen from the begining, vsed to pursue in all they might deuise, bicause the same is such an enimie to cattell, wherein consisted the chiefest portion of all their wealth and substance.

Thus the Scotishmen in this season, setting all their delite on hunting, began also to vse Lawes made for hunting. lawes and statutes in proces of time concerning the same. And first it was ordeined, that he whose dog did teise and go through to the end of the course with the deare, so that he were séene to be at the fall, should haue the skin; the head & hornes to remaine to him whose dog did best next. The body being drest & broken vp, should be distributed at the pleasure & discretion of the maister of the game. The bowels and panch were cast to the The dogs rewarded. dogs as the case required. And if there rose anie doubt in anie of these points, they should choose by common consent, a iudge to determine of the matter. But whether these deuises were lawes made by the king as then for the further aduancement of his pleasure, or rather customes growne and ratified by long continuall vse, I cannot tell, but certeine it is, they were obserued through all the Scotish regions, as hauing the force of lawes, and so are vsed euen vnto these daies.

Beside these ordinances for hunting, Doruadille commanded also, that all such statutes as Old lawes allowed, and new established. Ferguse had made, should be kept and obserued: wherevnto he added certeine new, namelie diuerse sorts of punishments for sundrie kinds of transgressions, according to the qualities of the same: which he caused to be ingrossed in books of record, and committed to the custodie of a graue councellor, who by a common consent should haue the interpretation of those lawes if anie doubt arose, and that when anie offendor should come before the iudge, and heare the sentence read by him, the same offendor might vnderstand that he receiued nothing but right at the iudges hands: by reason whereof it came to passe, that such offendors without repining willinglie were contented to suffer anie punishment whatsoeuer it was that the law did so appoint them. This custome grew into such force, that it neuer might yet be abrogated amongst them of the westerne Iles, but that euen vnto this day they haue their lawiers amongst them, without whose denuntiation or decrée taken out of the register, no iudgement is reputed lawfull.

These were the acts and dooings of king Doruadille, who in the 28 yéere of his reigne departed this world at Beregonium, now called Dunstafage, leauing behind him a sonne called Reuther as yet not of sufficient age to succéed in the estate. By reason whereof Nothatus the brother of Doruadille, a man of comelie personage and wit, apt (as was thought) Nothatus. to haue a realme in gouernance, was crowned king by force of law aboue remembred, debarring children vnder age to inherit the succession of the crowne.

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