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AFTERWARDS comming to the abbeie of Scone, and assembling the lords of the realme,
Edgar is crowned and annointed. he receiued the crowne, and shortlie after was annointed by the archbishop of saint Andrews named Godrike, in the yéere of our redemption 1101. For his mother queene Margaret purchased a little before hir death of Vrbane the pope, and from hencefoorth all the kings of A priuilege for the Scotish kings to be annointed. Edgar the first annointed king of Scotland. The passage into the holie land. Robert duke of Normādie. Scotland should be annointed. This priuiledge was confirmed afterwards by pope Iohn the second of that name. The first king that was annointed according to that grant, was this Edgar, in the yere aforesaid. About two yeers before this Edgar recouered thus the crowne of Scotland, was that generall passage made into the holie land vnder Godfrie of Bullongne, and other christian princes.

Amongst them, as one of the chiefe, Robert duke of Normandie went, and should haue béene created king of Jerusalem, had he not at the same time heard how his brother William Rufus the king of England was slaine by chance, through glansing of an arrow shot at a déere in the new forrest; and then hoping to succéed him in the kingdom of England, he preferred that honor to the other, wherein he saw to be more trauell than gaine. But at his comming home, he found that his yoongest brother Henrie surnamed Beauclerke, was placed Henrie Beauclerke king of England. in the kingdome of England, and so was duke Robert his hope frustrate of both the kingdomes, and that woorthilie (as most men thought) for that he refused so necessarie a dignitie, wherein he might haue serued the common cause of the christian common wealth. Vnto Henrie Beauclerke in the second yere of his reigne king Edgar maried one of his sisters called Mauld king Edgars sister. Eustace earle of Bullongne. Mauld. The other named Marie he coupled with Eustace earle of Bullongne: in which mariage was borne a daughter that was the onelie heire of the same Eustace in the countie of Bullongne, the which when she came to womans state, was maried vnto Stephan earle of March in England, and of Morreigne in France, nephue to Henrie Beauclerke by his sister. The king of England Henrie, had issue by quéene Mauld, two sonnes and two daughters, William and Richard, Eufame and Mauld.

But now to returne to king Edgar, to shew some token of thanks towards saint Cutbert for his aid shewed, as was thought, in the battell against his vncle Donald, he gaue vnto the moonks of Durham the lands of Coldingham: and to the bishop of Durham called Canulph, he gaue The lands of Coldingham. Canulph bishop of Durham. Edgar rather reuerenced than dred. 1107. Io. Ma. 1109. H.B. the towne of Berwike. But for that the same bishop wrought afterwards treason against him, he lost that gift, and the king resumed that towne into his hands againe. I doo not find that Edgar had anie warres anie waie foorth during all the time of his reigne, a prince rather reuerenced than dread amongst his subjects for his singular equitie and vpright dealing. He departed out of this life at Dundée, in the 9 yéere of his reigne, and after the birth of our Sauiour 1107.

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