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AND Ewin shortlie after was brought forth of Pictland with all regall solemnitie, and at Beregonium placed vpon the stone of marble, to the great reioising of the people there assembled. Herewith also the nobles of the realme, putting their hands in his, bound themselues by oth to be loiall and faithfull subiects vnto him in all points, which custome of swearing fealtie
Swearing of fealtie first begun. then first by Ewins commandement, begun and continued manie hundred yeares after amongst his and their posteritie; in somuch that the capteins of the tribes also required the same kind of oth of them that inhabited within their liberties, which in part remaineth yet vnto this day amongest those of the westerne Iles, and such as inhabit in the mounteins. For at the creation of a new gouernour, whome they name their capteine, they vse the like ceremonies; which being ended, at the next faire kept within that countrie, proclamation is made, that no man inhabiting within his iurisdiction, shall name this new gouernour by anie other name from thenceforth, than by the ancient & accustomed name as such rulers afortime haue béene called by. And that so oft as they heare him named, they shall put off their caps or hats, and make a Humble reuerence. certeine courtesie in signe of honour due to him, in such maner as we vse in hearing diuine seruice, when anie holie mysterie is in dooing, or anie sacred name of the almightie creator recited.

But now touching king Ewin, his chiefest studie was to mainteine iustice throughout his The dutie of a good prince. dominion, and to wéed out such transgressours as went about to trouble the quiet estate of his subiects. Furthermore, considering what inconueniencies procéeded through the vse of A notable ordinance. voluptuous pleasures & wanton delites, he ordeined that the youth of his realme should be trained to endure hardnesse, paine, and trauell, as to lie vpon hard boords without anie feather beds or pillows vnder them. Also to exercise themselues to throw the dart, to shoot, to wrestle, and to beare armour aswell in time of peace as of warre; that when need required, trauell and such kind of exercises should be no paine but pleasure vnto them; where otherwaies lacke of vse might make the same intollerable. Whilest Ewin is thus occupied about the setting foorth of necessarie ordinances for the wealth of his realme, the king of the Picts did send vnto him ambassadours to require his aid against the Britains, who were entred his countrie in robbing and spoiling the same.

Ewin consenting quicklie to that request, leuied an armie forthwith, and with all spéed passed forward to ioine with the Picts, in purpose to reuenge the old iniuries doone to his nation by the Britains, who likewise were as readie to receiue battell, as the Scots and Picts were desirous to giue it, so that both the armies incountring togither (the Scots and Picts on the one side, and the Britains on the other) there insued a sore conflict betwixt them, continued with vnmercifull slaughter till night parted them in sunder; no man as then able to iudge who had A doubtfull battell. the better, but either part being priuie to their owne losses, withdrew themselues further off from the place of the battell, so that the Scots and Picts the same night got them into the mounteins of Pictland, and the Britains so soone as it was day made homewards with all spéed towards their countrie, and leauing no small preie and bootie behind them, which the Scotishmen and the Picts recouered, comming downe with all spéed from the mounteins, when they once heard that their enimies were departed.

King Ewin being returned from his iournie, determined to passe the residue of his life in rest and quietnesse, appointing iudges in euerie part of his realme, for the ministring of iustice and executing of lawes, according to the due forme and ordinance of the same. He appointed also such as should watch for the apprehension of théeues and robbers by the high waies, assigning them liuings of the common treasurie to liue by. And there be euen vnto this day that hold still such liuings, though the office be worne out of vse and forgotten.

After this, he builded a castell not farre distant from Beregonium, which he named after his Dunstafage is builded. owne name Euonium: but afterwards it was called Dunstafage, which is as much to say, as Stéeuens castell, which name it beareth at this present. Finallie, this Ewin, after he had reigned to the great weale of the realme, about 19 yéeres, he departed this life, leauing behind him a son base begotten, named Gillus, who causing his fathers funerals to be executed with all solemne pompe and ceremonies, raised vp soone after sundry obelisks about his graue neere vnto Dunstafage, where he was buried.

There were present also at the buriall, two of Durstus his sonnes, whome Ewin in his life time had reuoked home out of Ireland, where they were in exile. Both these, as well the one as the other, bicause they were twins, and not knowne whether of them came first into the world, looked to be king after Ewin: their names were Dothan and Dorgall. And such malicious emulation and enuious spite rose betwixt the two brethren, for the atteining of their purpose, that greater could not be deuised; which Gillus, like a craftie & subtill fox, by The craftie working of Gillus. couert means sought still to augment; and in the end causing them to come togither for some conclusion of agréement, at length when he had set them further at ods than they were before, he procured a number of souldiers appointed for the purpose to raise a tumult (as though it had bene in taking of contrarie parts) and there to slea them both.

Thus Gillus hauing brought to purpose that he came for, shewed in countenance as though Durstus two sonne are slaine. he had béene much offended therewith, and done what hée could to haue appeased the matter, and herewith he commeth running foorth with a high voice, declaring to his companie, that if he had not made good shift for himselfe, he had beene slaine by the hands of Dothan and Dorgall, who fell into such mischéefe themselues, as they had prepared for other. Herevpon also he required his friends and seruants most earnestlie to conueie him into some sure place, where he might be out of danger, and in better securitie: in somuch that manie of those that heard him, giuing credit to his words, went with him with all spéed vnto Dunstafage, where being receiued into the castell with diuers of the nobles that followed him, he got him into a gallerie, and there making an inuectiue oration against the sonnes of Durstus, and touching by the way what perill might insue to the commonwealth by ciuill diuision, he persuaded them to commit the rule into his hands, vntill it might be certeinlie knowen, vnto whome the same of right apperteined.

Those that were present, perceiuing to what issue his painted processe tended, and doubing The nobles through feare consented to create Gillus king. lest if they should séeme to stand against him at that instant in this his demand, they migh happilie be the first that should repent the bargaine, consented to proclaime him king: wherevpon he required all such as were present, to sweare vnto him fealtie, and to doo him homage according to the custome. And herewith agréeablie as he had before promised, and according to his fathers will (as he alledged) he distributed among them all such cattell as belonged to his said father. Whereby he wan the greater fauour of manie, but yet not iudging himselfe altogither in suertie, by reason that Dothan had left behind him three sonnes, as then remaining in the Ile of Man, in the bringing vp of the Druides, he purposed therefore to dispatch them also for the better Gillus goeth about to murther Dothans sonnes also. assurance of his estate, and therevpon he made a iournie thither himselfe, feigning as though he meant nothing but all loue and fréendlie affection towards the children, by which meanes he gat two of them into his hands, the one named Lismorus, being about twelue yeeres of age, and the other Cormacus that was two yéeres yoonger. The yoongest of the thrée named Ederus, being about seuen yéeres old, as his better hap was, chanced to be sicke at that time, by reason whereof he escaped his hands: Gillus feigning as though he wished to haue the other two brought vp like the children of a prince, he led them away with him into Scotland, leauing certeine of his seruants behind him, to rid Ederus the yoongest out of the way at leisure; and as for the other twaine, the night following after his comming home to Dunstafage, he caused them to be murthered, euen in their tutors armes, whose aid most pitifullie they A detestable murther. besought and required. But the woman that had the kéeping of Ederus now in his sicknesse, prouided more warilie for his safegard, for she smelling out what was the kings purpose, in the dead of the night got hir selfe togither with Ederus into a ship, and passed ouer into Ederus escapeth. Argile, where being set on land, she caried him on hir shoulders vp into the mounteinss and there within a secret den susteined his languishing life for certeine moneths in great care and miserie.

Gillus notwithstanding these his cruell acts, shewed yet in outward apperance that no man Gillus counterfeiteth a zeale to iustice. was more desirous of the quiet state and prosperous successe of the commonwealth than he: euer reasoning among his nobles, and that in the presence of his commons touching the maintenance of iustice, & punishment of misdooers, whereas he himselfe thirsted continuallie, and most of all after the bloud of those whom he doubted anie thing likelie to attempt the reuenge of his wicked misgouernance: insomuch that he caused in one place and other, all such to be murthered and slaine as bare anie good will toward the lawfull line of Dursius.

Now the people séeing the dailie slaughter of the nobilitie, and at the last growing to be The Scotsrise against Gillus. verie sore mooued against him, namelie those of Galloway, Kiley, Carrike, and Coningham, with them of Cantire, Lorne, and Argile, they assembled their powers togither, and with all speed marched foorth towards the place where they thought to find the tyrant: who hearing of this their conspiracie, assembled such puissance as he could make, & hauing no other refuge but to trie the matter by battell, made towards his enimies with more spéed than good successe: for yer the two armies came to ioining, a great number of Gillus his friends fled to the contrarie part, so that herevpon doubting the issue if he were constreined to fight, he stale Gillus departeth secretlie and getteth ouer into Ireland. Cadall of Galoway is chosen gouernor of the realme. priuilie from amongst the residue of his folks, and getting into a fishers bote, conueied himselfe ouer into Ireland: whose departure being once knowne, his souldiors yeelded themselues vnto Cadall gouernor of Galloway, who was capteine generall of all the conspirators, and now by the consent of all the estates created gouernor of the realme till they had chosen a king.

This Cadall, immediatlie vpon the great authoritie giuen him, gat first all the best fortresses into his hands, as Beregonium, Dunstafage, and other: then he passed ouer into the Ile of Ila, to prouide the better for the resisting of Gillus, if he shuld attempt anie thing by purchasing aid amongst them of the westerne Iles. Thither was brought vnto him also, the yoong Ederus (by such of Durstus his friends as had escaped the cruell hands of Gillus) whome Cadall caused to be honorablie conueied vnto Epiake the chiefest citie of Galloway, there to be Leland and other take Epiake not to be so farre north. brought vp in princelie nurture, that comming to full age, hee might the better be able to take vpon him the gouernance.

In which meane while Gillus made all the friends in Ireland that he could, insomuch that Gillus purchaseth aid in Ireland. vpon such golden promises as he made vnto the chiefest gouernors there, they consented to aid him with all their forces. Wherof Cadall being aduertised, he thought it best that a king should be chosen, and thereby an vnitie to be framed amongst all the estates of the realme, wherevpon causing a councell to be assembled for the same intent, by common agréement, one Ewin, a man of worthie fame, nephue to king Finnan by his brother Douall, was Ewin the second of that name chosen king. in the end proclaimed king: who was latelie come from the Ile of Gowere into Albion, in companie with Cadall, and kept himselfe close hitherto within the said Ile, for doubt of Gillus that sought amongst other to haue destroied him also.

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