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IN the meane while that these things were thus a dooing in Spaine, Himecus being left,
Hemecus K. of Ireland. as is before remembred, in Ireland, to haue the gouernance there, ruled both the people of Scotishmen, and the former inhabitants, with as much indifferencie as was possible: yet could he not ioine them so in one, but that after his deceasse either of them would haue seuerall rulers of their owne nation to gouerne them: by reason whereof, falling eftsoones at discord amongst themselues, there insued sharpe and cruell warres betwixt them, which being Dissention. ended sometime by truce (when both parties happilie were throughlie wearied) they renewed notwithstanding their malicious strife againe, so soone as they had once recouered their decaied strengths, so that the one séeking the others destruction, they continued in great The Scots send an ambassador vnto Metellus in Spaine. disquietnes for a long time. These Scotishmen being thus troubled in Ireland, finallie adressed an ambassage vnto Metellus, who as then reigned amongst the Scotish men in Spaine, requiring him of aid and succor against their enimies, who went about with tooth and naile to expell all the Scotish nation out of Ireland, which they were like inough to bring to passe, if in time there were not speedie remedie through his aid prouided for the contrarie.

Metellus hearing these newes, as a man mooued with a naturall zeale toward all the Scotish Aid sent to assist the Scots in Ireland. linage, gaue eare to their request, supposing it should be his part to defend his kinsfolke from all wrong and iniuries: immediatlie therefore he sent his thrée sons, Hermoneus, Ptolemeus, and Hibertus, with a chosen power of wariors ouer into Ireland, where vanquishing the enimies with fierce and cruell battels, they set the Scotishmen in sure and quiet possession of all their lands and liuings. This doone Ptolomeus and Hibertus remained there to rule and inhabit the countrie. But Hermoneus, who was the eldest brother, returned backe againe to Spaine, Hermoneus returned into Spain againe. there to succéed his father when time should serue thereto.

After this the Scotish estate continued many yeares in good quiet in Ireland, the people still increasing in wealth and puissance, till prosperitie the mother of contention, stirred vp grudge and parcialities amongst them, which shortlie would haue decaied the force of the Scotish nation, if the ancient lords had not prouided redresse in time, which was to persuade the people to haue a king of their owne, who being partaker with none of them in their factions, might haue the absolute gouernance of the whole, so that by common consent they sent into Spaine for one Simon Brech, whose name was right famous amongst them in that season, both as Simon Brech. well for that he was lineallie descended of the bloud roiall, as also for that he had shewed many proofes of his noble valiancie in sundrie affaires and businesse. This Simon being glad of Brechus came into Ireland. these tidings, sailed quicklie into Ireland, and brought thither with him amongst other princelie iewels and regall monuments, the fatall stone of marble, wherein he caused himselfe to be crowned, in token of his full possession and establishment ouer that kingdome.

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