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WHEN things were once set here in a stay, and that orders were giuen how the land should be conuerted vnto tillage, and manured for the better bringing foorth of such things as serue for mans sustenance, Hiber (leauing his brother in charge with the gouernance of all those
Hiber returned into Spaine. which were appointed to abide there in Ireland) with the most part of the ships and residue of the companie, sailed backe into Spaine, where finding his father Gathelus dead, he succéeded Hiber succéeded his father Gathelus. in his place of gouernement, to the great reioising of all the people there.

This Hiber was a man of great courage, and more giuen to the wars than his father before him, so that where his father contenting himselfe with the bounds and limits of the countrie assigned him by composition, sought no further (as is said) to inlarge the same: Hiber ceassed Hiber a conquerour. not to conquer cities and townes néere adioining to the borders of his subiects, by reason whereof his fame spred ouer all those parties: and in the end constreined his enimies to séeke for peace, which he willinglie granted: so that a league being concluded betwixt the Scots A peace. and Spaniards, the same tooke such good successe, that within certeine yeeres after, both the nations, what by mariage and other contracts, which they exercised togither, became one. Spaniards & Scots becom one people. The succession also of kings continued after Hibers deceasse in his posteritie a long season; amongst the which, Metellus, Hermoneus, Ptolomeus, Hibertus, and Simon Brechus were of most woorthie fame, as is recorded by such as haue written the histories of that nation more at large.

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