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AFTER this famous prince was thus departed hence, his sonne Lugthake succéeded in
An vngratious son succéedeth after his woorthie father. The incontinencie of Lugthake. His small regard to the nobilitie. Fauor showed to men of base condition. rule of the Scotish kingdome, no lesse abhorred of all men for his detestable and filthie vices, ioined with all kind of crueltie and couetousnesse, than his father was beloued for his noble and excellent vertues. This Lugthake went so farre past the bounds of all continencie in following his sensuall lusts, that hée forced and rauished not onelie aunt, néece, and sister, but euen his owne daughters also. Such as were honorable perscnages, and méet to gouerne in the common wealth he nothing regarded, but committed the administration of things vnto vile persons, and such as could best deuise how to inuent quarels against the rich, whereby they might be fléeced of all whatsoeuer they had: and oftentimes vpon some forged cause cruellie put to death. So little did he prouide to sée offendors in anie wise Offendors mainteined. Iustice is banished. corrected, that contrarilie he mainteined them in such sort therein, that iustice was quite banished, and nothing but spoile and rauine exercised.

Thus hée continued aboue two yéeres, to the great ruine of the common-wealth. Finallie, Lugthake would haue put to death such as spake against his misgouernment. Lugthake is murthered with a number of his men. when he went about to put vnto death such as in an assemb ie called at Dunstafage spake against the misordered gouernement of the realme, he was there murthered amongst the people, with a number of those also whome he vsed to haue attendant on his person for safegard of the same. His owne bodie was solemnelie buried by appointment of the nobles, hauing respect to his fathers benefits, but the carcasses of his gard were cast out into the fields, there to bée deuoured of beasts and birds of rauine.

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