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THIS Mainus being of contrarie conditions to his brother Ferlegus, was thus aduanced to the crowne by the whole consent of the nobles and commons, who yet kept in fresh memorie the noble gouernement of his father Ferguse. He therefore studieng to answere the peoples expectation in following his said fathers worthie acts, mainteined iustice in all points,
Iustice mainteined. Small matters redrest among neighbours. Great matters determined by the king. without suffering anie bearing or bolstering of wrong. If there were anie controuersie risen betwixt neighbour and neighbour within one hundred or cantred, he willed that the same might be taken vp and ended amongest them at home by order of some authorized court there. But if the matter were of such importance, as that it could not well be decided without authoritie of some higher court, he would then haue the hearing thereof, at such time as he vsed euerie yéere once to haue a publiklie out of all parts of his realme, to conferre togither for such purposes; at what time also such as were notorious offendors were arreigned and punished by death or otherwise, according to the fault which they earst had committed.

Also for the more quiet of his subiects, he confirmed the ancient league with the Picts, Mainus confirmed the league with the Picts. Mainus a deuout man in his religion. their king named Chrinus requiring the same by his ambassadors sent vnto him. Moreouer this Mainus vpon a religious deuotion toward the gods, hauing an assured beliefe, that without their fauours all worldlie policies were but vaine, deuised sundrie new ceremonies to be added vnto the old: and also caused certeine places in sundrie parts of his dominion to bée appointed out, and compassed about with great huge stones round like a ring; but towards the south was one mightie stone farre greater than all the rest, pitched vp in maner of an altar, whereon their priests might make their sacrifices in honor of their gods.

In witnes of the thing, there remaineth vnto this day certeine of those great stones standing round ringwise, which places are called by the common people, The old chappels of the gods. A man would maruell by what shift, policie, or strength such mightie stones were raised in that maner. Amongst other the gods also, which the Scotishmen had in most Diana honored of the Scots. Diana goddesse of hunting. reuerence, Diana was chiefe, whome they accounted as their peculiar patronesse, for that she was taken to be the goddesse of hunting, wherein consisted their chiefest exercise, pastime and delite. Vnto hir therefore he instituted monethile sacrifice, by reason wherof this vse was taken vp, that so soone as anie of them got sight of the new moone next after hir The new moone is worshipped. change, ne saluted hir with certeine praiers or salutations most reuerentlie. Which custome indured amongst them manie hundred yéeres after. Mainus did also appoint foorth liuings A liuing prouided for the priests. for the priests to be taken of such sacrifice as was offered vp to the gods. Finallie, when he had thus instructed his people in lawes and ordinances, aswell touching the religious seruice of the gods, as also for politike gouernment of his countrie, he ended his life, after he had reigned about 29 yéeres, leauing the estate to his sonne Doruadille, Elidurus reigning at the same time in Britaine, and Thaara amongst the Picts.

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