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THIS Maldwin was the sonne of king Donewald: and after that Ferquhard was dead and
Maldwin inuested king of Scots. A louer of peace & iustice. buried in Colmekill, he was inuested king: which function he right sufficientlie discharged, studieng to mainteine peace with his neighbors the Picts, Saxons and Britains: giuing thereby a good example to be followed of his subiects. Hereto he had a speciall care for the administration of the lawes in due forme and order, causing offendors to be punished, that other harmelesse persons might liue in quiet, so that by this meanes all things in the beginning of his reigne had prosperous successe. Afterwards there fell no small discord betwixt them Lennox and Argile are at variance. of Lennox and Argile: for first through bralling among the heardmen, their maisters made a fraie, whereof rose such deadlie enimitie betwixt the parties, by reason that the inhabitants of the westerne Iles aided them of Argile, and the people of Galloway the other of Lennox: The westerne Iles take part with Argile, Galoway with Lennox. that if the king had not come into those parties to appease the businesse, and to haue punished the offendors, there had insued much manslaughter, vnto the great danger of the vtter ruine of those countries.

The king at his arriuall amongst them minded not to pursue the people that followed Maldwin went about for to punish the author of this commotion. The capteins becam friends togither, and fled into the Iles. The Ilandmen apprehend the capteins of the rebels. their capteins, but rather the capteins and authors of this tumult themselues. Whereof they hauing knowledge, made an attonement togither, being inforced thereto of necessitie, so to auoid the prepared punishment deuised by the king against them. And foorthwith they fled ouer into the Iles, but the inhabitants doubting the kings displeasure, would not consent to succour them, but contrariwise tooke them and deliuered them to the kings officers, wherevpon they were safelie conueied to the places where they were borne, and there suffered their deserued execution. Thus that commotion vnaduisedlie begun, was spéedilie appeased, and the name of Maldwin by reason héereof so feared amongst his subiects, that during his reigne no such trouble chanced in anie part of all his dominions.

After this he went ouer into Iona or Colmekill, where perceiuing the abbeie church, He buildeth the church of the abbeie of Colmekill. wherein his ancestors had their sepultures, to be in decaie, he caused it to be pulled quite downe, and woorkemen foorthwith set in hand to build it vp againe, at his owne proper costes and charges. Such spéed also was vsed about this woorke, that before he departed out of this life, the same was finished, and dedicated vnto our Sauior Christ, and saint Colme. About the same time there reigned throughout the most part of the world a sore and A great pestilence & death vpon earth. grécuous pestilence, consuming a greater number of men (before it ceassed) than there were left aliue: for it continued the whole space of thrée yeeres togither. At length, through common praier, fastings, giuing of almes, & other vertuous woorks, the wrath of almightie God was pacified, so that such great mortalitie by his mercifull appointment did staie and giue ouer.

The Scotishmen were frée from that infection as well at that time, as also for manic yéeres Scotland was frée of the pestilence and plague. Riotousnesse the mother of sicknesses. after. Neither were they in manner troubled with anie sharpe feuers, or agues, till time that omitting the ancient and wholesome sparenesse of diet, which their fathers in times past had vsed, they fell vnto riotous banketting and excessiue féeding, whereby they became subiect vnto all kinds of diseases, through malicious humors growing thervpon. Colman bishop of Lindesferne séeing woonderfull numbers of Englishmen perish dailie of that contagious sicknesse, by licence of the king, to auoid the present danger of death, which by tarieng there he saw no meanes how to escape, returned into Scotland with his disciples, and after getting him ouer into one of the westerne Iles, he erected a monasterie there, wherein he remained Colman erected a monasterie. during the residue of his life.

After the departure of Colman foorth of Northumberland, the people of that countrie ioining with the Picts, made sundrie roads into the Scotish borders: which iniurie when Maldwine reuenged with more displeasure doone to them of Northumberland, than the Scotishmen had receiued, it caused the Picts and Northumbers to prepare themselues with all spéed to haue made sharpe warres against the Scots: but in the meane time Maldwin died, being strangled in his bed one night by his owne wife, vpon suspicion of gelousie, for Maldwin the Scotish king strangled in his bed. his vnlawfull companie kéeping with an other woman. The next day after she was apprehended with those that were priuie to the deed, and burnt openlie vpon an hill, according as she had most iustlie deserued. Maldwin was thus murthered in the yéere after the birth of our Sauior 684, and in the 20 yéere of his owne reigne.

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