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AFTER Ewin succéeded Merellanus, son to one Carren, the brother of Ederus a prince of most gentle behauiour. This Metellanus mainteined his subiects in great quietnesse and rest, without anie maner of wars, either forren or ciuill. Such wicked lawes as his predecessor had established, he did what he could to abolish. But such yoong gentlemen as delighted in sensuall lust, and licentious libertie, stood so stiffelie therein against him, that in the end he was glad to leaue off his purpose. About the same time also there came vnto Kimbaline king of the Britains an ambassador from Augustus the emperor, with thanks,
Kimbaline king of the Britains. for that entring into the gouernement of the British state, he had kept his allegiance toward the Romane empire: exhorting him to keepe his subiects in peace with all their neighbors, sith the whole world, through meanes of the same Augustus, was now in quiet, without all warres or troublesome tumults.

These ambassadors went also vnto Metellanus the K. of the Scotishmen, exhorting him to acknowledge a superioritie in the Romane emperour, vnto whome the people inhabiting in the furthest parts of the east, had sent their ambassadors with rich iewels to present his person withall. Wherwith Metellanus being partlie mooued to haue a freendlie amitie with Metellanus becommeth friend to the Romans. the Romans, he sent vnto Rome certeine rich presents to the emperour, and to the gods in the capitoll, in signe of honour, by which means he obteined an amitie with the Romans, which continued betwixt them and his kingdome for a long time after.

Thus a generall peace as then reigning throughout the whole world, it pleased the giuer The birth of our Sauior Christ. and authour of all peace to be borne at the same time, of that blessed virgin Marie, in the citie of Bethlem in the tribe of Iuda. Which most blessed and salutiferous birth did come to passe in the 12 yeare of Metellanus reigne, and in the 42 of Augustus his empire: from the first establishing of the Scotish kingdome by Fergusius 324 yéeres, and after the creation 10 H. B. 330 H. B. 5199 H. B. Metellance departeth this world. 29 H. B. 14 H. B. Caratake is proclamed K. This Caratake all the British and English writers take to be a Britaine, and inhabiting within that portion of the Ile now called England. of the world 3966, as Harison in his chronologie dooth manifestlie conclude. After this, Metellanus reigned certeine yeeres in continuall peace and quietnes, euermore readie to doo the thing that might be to the contentation and the weale of his people. Finallie, he passed out of this life in the 39 yéere of his reigne, which was the 28 after the birth of our Sauior, and 13 of Tiberius the emperor. Howbeit he left no issue aliue behind him to succéed in the gouernment of the kingdome: for those children which he had begotten, he buried in his life time, by meanes whereof, one Caratake, sonne to Cadallan, and nephue to king Metellan by his sister Europeia, was proclamed king; as he that excelled in riches and puissant authoritie aboue all other the péeres and high estates of the realme, and had not a little to doo in the administration of publike affaires in the latter daies of his vncle Metallane.

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