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BUT Natholocus being once proclamed king by the multitude, and Arhircos bloud at tainted of treason, and so published, according to the custome he tooke the othes of those that were present, and then repaired vnto Dunstafage, there to be inuested according to the
Natholocus goeth vnto Dunstafage to be inthronized. Natholocus séeketh to procure loue of the nobilitie through bribes. maner. This doone, he called such aside as he suspected, and talking with them alone, he exhorted them to be faithfull, promising to be their assured good lord and maister, and for an earnest thereof, he gaue vnto diuerse of them verie great rewards. Generallie vnto all men he shewed himselfe verie gentle and tractable, thereby to win their loues, for the better establishment of his new atchiued estate: and hereto he imploied such riches as the former kings had heaped togither amongst the nobles, studieng by all meanes to auoid all seditious quarels and secret discords amongst them. Thus ruling the realme at his will for certeine yéeres, at length fortune began to shew a Fortune fauoring Natholocus for a time began to change. Doorus writeth vnto certeine Scotish lords to moue them to rebellion. change of countenance after hir old accustomed guise. For Doorus the brother of Athirco (whome, as ye haue heard, Natholocus supposed to haue béene dead) wrote certeine letters, signifieng his owne estate with the welfare of his nephues the children of Athirco vnto certeine Scotish lords, whom he knew to fauour his cause. Which letters he deliuered vnto a Pictish woman, appointing hir how and to whome she should deliuer the same, but the woman apprehended by the waie, and brought vnto Natholocus, he caused hir secretlie to be sacked and throwne into a riuer. Afterwards sending for such of the nobles as the Natholocus putteth such to death as he suspecteth to fauour Doorus. direction of the forsaid letters had giuen him occasion to haue in some suspicion, he committed them first to prison, and at length caused them to be secretlie strangled.

Which wicked déed being once notified abroad, so mooued the harts of their friends and alies, that they procured the people to rebell: and so gathering them togither, they raised open and cruell warres against him. Natholocus informed of their determinations, withdrew himselfe priuilie into Murrey land, there to get togither an armie to resist his enimies, and for that he was desirous also to vnderstand somwhat of the issue of this trouble, he sent one Natholocus sendeth vnto a witch to know the conclusion of his enimies attempts. of his trustie seruants, being a gentleman of that countrie, vnto a woman that dwelt in the Ile of Colmekill (otherwise called Iona) estéemed verie skilfull in forshewing of things to come, to learne of hir what fortune should hap of this warre, which was alreadie begun.

The witch consulting with hir spirits, declared in the end how it should come shortlie to The witches answere. passe, that the king should be murthered, not by his open enimies, but by the hands of one of his most familiar friends, in whome he had reposed an especiall trust. The messenger demanding by whose hands that should be? Euen by thine saith she, as it shall be well knowen within these few daies. The gentleman hearing these words, railed against hir verie bitterlie, bidding hir go like an old witch; for he trusted to sée hir burnt before he should commit so villanous a déed. And departing from hir, he went by and by to signifie What happened by giuing credit to the woords of a witch. what answere he had receiued; but before he came where the king lay, his mind was altered, so that what for doubt on the one side, that if he should declare the trueth as it was told him, the king might happilie conceiue some great suspicion, that it should follow by his means as she had declared, and therevpon put him to death first; and for feare on the other side, that if he kéepe it secret, it might happen to be reuealed by some other, and then he to run in as much danger of life as before; he determined with himselfe to worke the surest way, and so comming to the king, he was led aside by him into his priuie chamber, where all other being cōmanded to auoid, he declared hew he had sped; and then falling foorthwith vpon Natholocus, with his dagger he slue him outright, and threw his Natholocus murthered. bodie into a priuie; and afterwards getting out by a backe doore, and taking his horsse which he had there readie, he fled with all spéed vnto the campe of the conspirators, and was the first that brought news vnto them of this act thus by him archiued. This chanced in the yeare of our Lord 280, & in the eleuenth yeare after the first entring of Natholocus 252. H. B. into the estate.

After Natholocus was thus dispatched, the péeres assembled togither to ordeine one for The lords of the realme assemble togither to chuse a new king. The sonnes of Athirco are sent for, and the eldest of them named Findocke chosen to reigne. gouernement of the realme, where in the end it was amongest them concluded, that the sonnes of Athirco should be sent for into Pictland, and Findocke receiued for king. The Morauian that slue Natholocus was appointed to fetch them, who (according to his commission) comming into Pictland, conueied them right honorablie into Argile, where Findocke being alreadie chosen king, was placed on the stone of marble, with all the ceremonies in that case apperteining.

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