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AFTER Reuther his deceasse, his vncles son called Reutha succéeded in the kingdome, chosen thereto by the common agréement of all the states, bicause that Thereus sonne to Reuther vnneath come to the age of ten yeeres, was thought vnable to take the charge vpon him. Reutha therfore being thus elected to reigne as king ouer the Scotishmen, ordeined that such noblemen as had atchiued anie notable exploit in defense of their countrie, should
An ordinance for buriall of their princes. Obelisks or pointed stones. be had in perpetuall memorie, and buried in solemne wise in sepulchres aloft vpon hils or mounteins, vpon the which were set so manie obelisks or long pointed stones, as they had slaine enimies in the wars: whereof some remaine there to be séene euen to this daie.

This Reutha also vnderstanding of the lacke of all maner of craftsmen in his realme, and Craftsmen brought into Scotland to instruct the people. Liuings appointed foorth vnto those craftsmen. of such as were expert in the liberall sciences, caused a great number of most perfect artificers to be sent for, to inhabit amongest his people, the better to instruct them in their occupations. Vnto these also as vnto other professing anie liberall art, were appointed honest liuings, by way of fées, assigned to be receiued of such oxen and beefes as were killed, to euerie man of science and artificer his part. And further, ech of them had certeine measures of otes and barlie in stead of yearelie annuities. For as yet the vse of coine was not knowen amongest the Scotishmen. The which custome of distributing their beasts, which they killed in this wise, is still vsed in the westerne Iles euen to these our daies.

Reutha perceiuing furthermore that through vnskilfull surgians and physicians manie A law for phisicians and surgians. wounded and diseased persons were oftentimes cast awaie, ordeined by the aduise and consent of his councell, that none should take vpon them as a surgion or physician, vnlesse they were by long experience well practised aforehand in those sciences. For before that time they vsed to carie foorth such persons as were sicke or otherwise hurt, and to lay them in some open place in the streets or market sted, that all such as came by, might according to their knowledge declare their aduise, and shew (if they had béene vexed with the like disease) by what means they had escaped the danger, and recouered againe their health. For no man might without the note of high reproch passe by, kéeping silence in this behalfe. And this was according to the custome of the old Aegyptians.

Reutha thus studieng for the aduancement of the commonwealth of his subiects, continued in the estate with great prosperitie, till finallie perceiuing himselfe farre growen in age, and not so able to trauell in the affaires of the realme as he was before, he caused a parlement to be assembled, and there in presence of all the estates, required to be discharged of the gouernement: and that the same might be committed vnto his coosin Thereus, who as then was not onelie of sufficient age to take it vpon him, but also of such towardnesse, as that in each mans opinion he was thought likelie to atteine vnto the prowesse of anie of his noble progenitors. Thus Reutha, after he had reigned 17 yeares, returned to a priuat life, resigning the whole rule of his realme vnto the aforesaid Thereus, being through his persuasion receiued as king of Reuthi resigned the estate vnto his coosin Thereus. all estates by common consent there in that present assemblie.

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