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AFTER the death of Ethodius, his brother Satrahell, or Serrahell (as some write him) was chosen to succéed by the common consent and voices of all the estates of the realme. For although Ethodius left a sonne behind him; yet bicause he was verie yoong in yéeres, he was thought insufficient to haue so great a charge as the rule of a kingdome committed vnto his hands. This Satrahell was subtile of nature, and a great dissembler, whose purpose was to defraud the issue of his brother Ethodius from atteining at anie time vnto the rule of the kingdome, and therefore to bring his purpose the better to passe, he found forged matter against
Satrabell séeketh to destroy such as were in fauor with his predecessor. Discord ariseth among the people through the kings misgouernment. Satrabell strangled to death by his owne seruants. 397 H. B. all such as were familiar friends vnto Ethodius, thereby to put them vnto death. Neither dealt hee anie thing more sincerelie with a great number of other of his wealthie subiects, whose lands and goods hée onelie sought to inioy at his owne will. By means whereof such mischéefe insued through the realme, and such ciuill sedition dailie rose amongst the people, that pitie it was to behold it: the king being not so bold all the while, as once to shew his face abroad for redresse thereof, by reason he vnderstood well inough what hatred the people bare towards him, neither did his kéeping within doores saue his life anie long time, for in the end his owne seruants found means to strangle him, and that before he had reigned full foure yeeres.

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