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767. H. B. SOLUATHIUS the sonne of Eugenius the eight, was admitted to the rule of the Scotish estate Soluathius admitted king of Scotland. Soluathius an impotent man. next after the death of Ferguse: a prince suerlie borne to the accomplishment of high enterprises, if through hap of froward destinie he had not béene hindered. For in the third yéere of his reigne he began to bée vexed extréemelie with the gout, which ingendered by cold in lieng abroad in hunting; and so continuing with him during his life, staied him from manie woorthie exercises, as well in peace at home, as abroad in time of warres. Thus he being in maner impotent & lame of his lims, there were some commotions and misorders the more boldly attempted: and first amongst them of the out lles. For Bane Makedonald, gouernor by A rebellion. Makedonald proclamed king of the Iles. the kings appointment of the Iland called Tire, got all the castels and fortresses of the lles into his owne hands, & strengthened with a rout of vnrulie and mischefous youthfull persons, tooke possession of all the said Iles, causing himselfe to be proclamed king of the same.

Not contented herewith, he gathered a number of ships togither, wherein transporting himselfe with a great armie ouer into Lorne and Cantire, made great waste and spoile of those He inuadeth Lorne and Cantire. A power from the king is sent against him. countries, till Duthquhall gouernor of Athole, and Culane of Argile, being sent with a chosen power from the king to defend the countrie, chanced to incounter with him, and putting him with his people vnto flight, chased them to such a streict, as where there was no way to get foorth, saue onlie that by which they entered. This place is in Lorne, with a streict passage to enter into it: but when ye are within it, the same is verie large and broad, inuironed about with craggie mounteins, chained togither with a continuall ridge, a déepe riuer compassing them in beneath in the bottome, with such steepe & sidelong banks, that there is no way to passe foorth of the same, but by that through which ye must enter into it. The said Bane with his folks being entred at vnwares into such a streict, and perceiuing there was no way to issue foorth, but by the same where he entred, he returned backe thither, and finding the passage closed from him by his enimies, he was in a woonderfull maze, not knowing what shift to make to escape. Finallie, falling to counsell with the chiefest of his armie vpon the danger present, and so continuing for the space of two daies without anie conclusion auailable, on the third day driuen of necessitie through hunger, they required of their enimies to be receiued as yéelded men vpon what conditions they would prescribe, onelie hauing their liues assured. But when this would not be granted, in the euening tide they rushed foorth vpon their enimies, to trie if by force they might haue passed through them. But such was their hap, that there they died euerie mothers son: for so had Duthquhall & Culane commanded, to the end that other rebels might take example by such their wilfull and rebellious outrage.

The kings capteins after this passing ouer into the Iles, brought all things there into the The kings power passeth ouer into the Iles. Gillequhalme the sonne of Donald. former state of quietnesse. Yet after the appeasing of this tumult, there chanced a new businesse in Galloway: for Gillequhalme, sonne to that Donald, which (as ye haue heard) was executed by commandement of Eugenius the eight, gathered togither a great number of vngratious scape thrifts, & did much hurt and mischéefe in the countrie. But shortlie after, being vanquished by the same capteins that had suppressed the other rebels of the Iles, the countrie was rid of that trouble, and the ring-leaders punished by death for their offenses. In this meane while, the Englishmen & Welsh Britains through multitude of kings and rulers warring each against other, had no leasure to attempt anie enterprise against strangers. Neither were the Picts frée of some secret displeasues, which one part of them had conceiued against another, so that the Scotishmen were not troubled at all by anie forreine enimies. And so Soluathius departeth this life. 788. Soluathius hauing continued his reigne the space of 20 yéeres, about the end of that tearme departed this life, in the yéere of our saluation 738.

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