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AFTER him reigned his sonne Ewin, the third of that name, nothing like in any princelie qualitie vnto his noble progenitors, but contrariwise infamed by all kind of vices. In the first yéeres of his reigne he was wholy drownd in lasciuious lecherie, abandoning himself alto.
A licentious king. gither to lie weltering amongst a sort of vile strumpets, his lust being neuer throughlie satisfied, though neuer so often wearied. The nobles of the realme he had in no regard at all, of whom some he confined, and some he caused to be murthered, onlie bicause he might the more fréelie without gainsaieng hant his vile trade of liuing with their wiues and coosins. Such delight he had also in his filthie and abhominable ribaldrie, that he made lawes for Filthie lawes. maintenance of the like amongst his subiects, as thus: That it might be lawfull for euerie man to marie diuers & sundrie wiues, some six, some ten, according to their substance and qualities. And as for poore mens wiues, they were appointed to be common vnto the lords of the soile: and further, that the same lords should first defloure the bride after hir marriage: which last ordinance tooke such effect, that of manie hundred yéeres after it could by no meanes be abrogated, though the two former liberties were by authoritie of the kings succéeding, shortlie after this Ewins deceasse, taken awaie and reuoked.

But now to conclude touching the dooings of this Ewin, ye shall vnderstand, that at Ewin is pursued and forsaken of his subiects. length such lords as greatlie abhorred his vile conditions & vsages, conspired against him, and raising an armie of their friends and partakers, incountred with him in the field, and there tooke him prisoner, being destitute of all aid and succors: for such as he brought with him, not once offered to strike one stroke in his quarell. Ewin being thus taken, was by and by Ewin condemned to perpetual prison. condemned to perpetuall prison; and Cadallan, of whom ye haue heard before, immedialie proclamed gouernor of the realme. Howbeit the night following, after that Ewin (according to the iudgement pronounced against him) was committed vnto ward, 2 presumptuous yoong man, in hope to haue thanks of Cadallan, entred into the chamber where he was Ewin is strangled. 32 H. B. inclosed, and there strangled him. But in stéed of thanks he was recompensed with death: for Cadallan detesting such a wicked déed, caused him to be hanged in open sight of all men. Such was the end of Ewih, being thus dispatched in prison, in the seuenth yéere after he began his reigne ouer the Scotishmen, being the 9 yéere of Augustus Cesar his gouernment of the Romane empire.

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