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FINDOCUS being thus slaine in the tenth yeare of his reigne, and buried with great lamentation of the people at Dunstafage, his brother Donald, the third son to Athirco, was admitted to the kingdome, who immediatlie vpon his entring into the estate, prepared to go into the Iles against Donald that common enimie of Scotland. But this Donald himselfe
Donald of the Iles inuadeth Scotland. deliuered the king of a great péece of that trauell: for so soone as he heard that the murther by him contriued was executed, he assembled a mightie power of the Iland-men, and transporting with them ouer into Rosse, proclamed himselfe king, persecuting with fire and sword all such as denied him obedience. King Donald being aduertised of that attempt of his aduersarie, spéedilie marcheth foorth with such power as he had alreadie assembled, sending proclamations abroad, that all other appointed to serue, should follow him with speed.

Thus comming into Murrey land, he pitched downe his tents, purposing there to abide Donald of the Iles sudenlie setteth vpon the enimies. the comming of the residue of his armie. But Donald of the Iles vnderstanding all his demeanour and whole intention, thought it best to assaile him within his campe, before all his power should come vnto him, and being thus resolued, he set forward in the night time, and was vpon his enimies, before that his comming towards them was once signified in their campe. The king then vnderstanding his aduersaries to be at hand, bringeth foorth his men, setteth them in arraie, and exhorteth them with many pithie words to receiue their enimies with manlie stomachs. But the Iland-men incouraged also by their capteine, gaue the onset so roundlie, that the Scotishmen had not leasure to occupie their shot, but were inforced euen at the first to ioine at hand-blowes, which were bestowed in such furious sort, that in the end the Scots being oppressed with multitude, were constreined to giue backe, The Scots ouerthrowen. some sauing themselues by flight, and some standing at defense till they were beaten downe and killed in the place. There were slaine on the kings part thrée thousand men, and two thousand taken prisoners; amongest whome were thirtie personages of honorable estate, togither with the king himselfe being wounded so sore, that he died within thrée daies after Donald departeth this world. the battell, rather through anguish of mind than of his hurts (as some haue written) in the same yeare that he began his reigne. Donald of the Iles hauing thus got the victorie, tooke Donald of the Iles taketh vpon him as king. vpon him as king, accordinglie as he had caused himselfe at the first to be proclamed.

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