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THE lords and peeres of the land not greatlie lamenting the death of such a monstrous person, bicause the armie for want of a gouernor should not fall into anie danger, they elected
Eugenius the seuenth is elected king of Scots. Eugenius the seuenth, being the brother of the late foresaid Ambirkeleth, to succeed as king in the gouernment of the realme; a prince of verie comelie port & personage, neither destitute of honorable qualities and good disposition of mind. Being once proclamed king, he caused generall musters to be taken of the whole armie, and perceiuing by surueie thereof, that he was not able to match with his enimies, he found means to conclude a peace with the Pictish A peace concluded. king, pledges being deliuered on either side, for redresse to be had of all wrongs and iniuries that had beene committed betwixt them. The Picts returning home, and the Scotish armie dissolued, Eugenius with the most part of the nobilitie went into Argile, where he receiued his inuesture of the kingdome, sitting vpon the stone of marble, according to the custome and The king is crowned. maner.

The bond of peace begun betwixt the kings, was the more stronglie confirmed by meanes of aliance, Spontana the daughter of king Garnard being coopled in mariage with Eugenius: she in the yéere following being great with child, was murthered one night within the kings The quéene slaine in stéed of hir husband. bed-chamber, in stéed of the king himselfe, by two brethren of the countrie of Athole, who mooued to displeasure for their fathers death, had conspired to murther the king. and had slaine him in deed, had he not through his good hap laien foorth of his owne chamber the same night. Eugenius being suspected of the murther, and euill spoken of for the same The king is suspected of the murther. amongst his subiects, was at length with great danger of life and honor inforced to make answer by waie of arrainment for clearing of himselfe, before the nobles of his realme, appointed as competent iudges in that case: so greatlie beloued was Spontana amongst all the degrées of the Scotish nation. But in the end being found giltlesse of the crime (for at the time that iudgement should haue passed, the offendors were apprehended and brought in) he was acquit, to the great reioising of all honest men. Those that had doone the déed, were The murtherers are hanged. condemned and hanged vp naked on gibbets by the héeles, togither with certeine cruell mastiue dogs, the which might so deuoure them.

But Eugenius being thus cleared of all former suspicion, minded to haue béene reuenged on those that had falslie accused him. Howbeit through the godlie admonishments of that An example of a good prince. reuerend father Adannan, he qualified his displeasure. After this, giuing his mind to the aduancement of religion and politike gouernement of his subiects, he ordeined that the histories of The king causeth his ancestors histories to be written. his ancestors should be written in bookes and volumes, that posteritie might haue to read the same for example sake. These monuments he also appointed to be kept and reserued in the abbeie of Iona, now called Colmekill, for a perpetuall memorie: and such as should write the same, to remaine and haue liuings there in the abbeie. Moreouer, such spirituall promotions as he perceiued to be too meane and slender for the maintenance of the minister that should serue the cure, he caused to be augmented in such wise as was thought sufficient. He Eugenius the seuenth departeth out of this life. 716. H. B. concluded a league with the Saxons and Picts, and obserued the same during his life, which he ended at Abernethie, when he had reigned about 17 yéeres, whereof the last fell in the yéere after the incarnation of our Sauior 717, the 15 indiction. His death was greatlie lamented, both of his lords and commons, as they that intierlie loued him for his noble and most princelie qualities.

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