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HIS successor, the foresaid Eugenius the eight that was the sonne of king Mordake, was
Eugenius the eight inuested king of Scots. Donald of the Iles aprehended. Donald and his complices put to death. inuested king in Argile with such pompe and ceremonies as in that case apperteined, and immediatlie therevpon he hasted foorth to catch Donald of the Iles, not resting till at length he had caught him, though that came not to passe without some losse of his people. After he had taken both him and his chiefest complices, he put them openlie to death; neither so satisfied, he caused Mordake to be arraigned, who confessing himselfe partlie guiltie of such things as were laid to his charge for mainteining of the foresaid Donald, he likewise suffered death, and his goods being valued and diuided into parts, were bestowed amongest the commons of Mordake lieutenant of Galloway is put to death. The commons recompensed. Galloway, in recompense of such losses, as through his contriued falshood they had susteined. Also he did put Donald, Collan, and Conrath to their fines, for that they did suffer Donald to rob & spoile without chastisement.

Through which causing of iustice thus to be executed, in reliefe of his commons, he wan him woonderfull loue, not onlie in Galloway, but also through out all his realme; and A righteous king. Offendors put in feare. therewith were offendors put in such feare, that they durst in no place commit anie such misorders against the simple and meaner people. And for the more increase of his subiects wealth, he also continued the league with the Picts, Britains, and Englishmen, accordinglie as his late predecessor had doone. But yet, as the nature of man through licentious libertie is euer readie to offend in one point or other, so it came to passe by this woorthie prince Eugenius, who in such wise as is before expressed, reigning in peace and quietnesse amongest his louing subiects, yet fell into most vile lust to accomplish his vnsatiable fleshlie concupiscence, séeking Eugenius is peruerted with sensuall lust and concupiscence. A filthie delight. all means he could deuise to defloure yoong virgins and honest matrons, and that as well those of the nobilitie as other. And such companions as could best further his purpose in that behalfe, and deuise new means and waies of fleshlie companie, those he set by, and greatlie made of, deliting altogither to haue them in his companie.

Thus being drowned in lecherous lust, and filthie concupiscence, he fell dailie in more greeuous vices, as into excessiue couetousnesse and beastlie crueltie, consenting to make awaie his Couetousnesse linked with crueltie. wealthie subiects, to the end he might inioy their goods. This wickednes remained not long vnpunished, for the lords and péeres of his realme, perceiuing how he procéeded dailie in his abhominable and tyrannicall dooings, not once giuing eare to the wholesome aduertisements either of God or man, they slue him one day amongest them as he sat in iudgement about to Eugenius is murthered. haue condemned a great rich man, though not guiltie in the crime whereof he was accused. They caused also a great companie of those mates to be apprehended, which had béene of his councell, and prouokers vnto all his wicked and vile dooings. Which to the great contentation of the people were hanged, as they had well deserued. And such was the end of Eugenius, The end of Eugenius the eight. after he had gouerned the kingdome about thrée yeares: his bodie was buried in Colmekill amongest his ancestors, though the people thought it little woorthie of that honor, which had misused it selfe so inordinatlie in this present life.

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