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BUT to our purpose. After Gregorie succéeded Donald the 5 in gouernement of the
Donald the fift. kingdome, he was the sonne of Constantine the second ; who finding the state of the realme in good quiet and flourishing in welth, he applied his whole studie to mainteine the same in semblable plight and condition. And before all things he caused iustice to be dulie ministred, so He was a good iusticier. He was religious. that no iniurie, speciallie if it were doone to anie poore person, escaped vnpunished. Christ the Lord of all vertue had giuen him such a godlie disposed mind, whose religion (to the aduancement of his glorie) he had euer in high veneration. Among other his godlie ordinances, he made this statute to be obserued as a law, that such as by swearing vnaduisedlie A punisher of blasphemers. blasphemed the name of almightie God, or in cursing and banning called vpon the name of the wicked féend, and betooke anie christian creature vnto his hellish power and domination (a vice naturallie following the people of that nation) should haue his toong thrust through with a burning iron. But wo worth the negligence of such as haue succéeded him, in suffering so Good ordinances are neglected. necessarie an ordinance to be abolished and worne out of vse, considering the horrible othes and blasphemie, with the bitter and dreadfull cursings so much frequented of all estates in this our time, as well in Scotland as elsewhere, as without great horror of the hearers cannot bée halfe expressed.

But to our purpose touching the gouernement of Donald, it chanced af erwards, that he Gormond arriued with a nauie in Northumberland. had knowledge how Gormond a Dane was landed with a puissant armie vpon the coasts of Northumberland, and had pitched his campe néere vnto the shore, without dooing anie damage to the countrie : so that it was vncerteine what he intended, whether to begin a conquest there, or to passe ouer Humber to make warres on the Englishmen. To preuent King Donald goeth to resist him. therefore all dangers, Donald hasted towards Northumberland; howbeit he was not farre forwards on his iornie, but that word came to him, how Gormond was alreadie passed ouer Humber, and entered into the English borders. But yet did not Donald staie his iournie, till he heard certeinelie that Gormond kéeping vpon his way, was aduanced forward at the Gormond went beyond Humber. least 40 miles off from the riuer of Humber, doubting least happilie he had ment some deceit, as suddenlie to haue returned vpon the Scots in Northumberland, when the king had béene once gone backe.

But now, when it was knowne that his purpose was onelie to assaile the English countries, according to the league newlie confirmed, Donald sent 5000 Scotishmen vnto the aid of the Donald sent 5000 men to the aid of the Englishmen. Englishmen; and also appointed two thousand horssemen to remaine with him in Northumberland (where he staied for a time) discharging the residue, & licencing them to returne vnto their homes. Shortlie after Gormond fought with Alured at Abingdon, where in the Gormond is ouerthrowne by K. Alured. end the victorie abode with the Englishmen and Scots, though the same was got with such losse of men after long and doubtfull battell, that they were not able to pursue the enimies in chase, but constreined immediatly after to conclude a necessarie peace with them, on A peace concluded. condition that the Danes should enioy common seats with the Englishmen in Albion, & that Gormond with his Danes should be baptised and professe the christian religion. Herevpon The Danes to be baptised, and to remain in England. Gormond is baptised with manie mo. also were pledges deliuered on both parts, and Gormond comming to receiue baptisme had his name changed and was called Athelstane, during whose life the peace continued betwixt the two nations.

Whilest things passed thus in England, there rose a péece of trouble betwixt the inhabitants of Murrey land and Rosse, which disquieted king Donald not a little. The occasion They of Rosse inuade Murrey land. grew by reason of certeine théeues, which comming foorth of Rosse in the night time, secretlie entered into Murrey land, to fetch booties from thence. At the first they of Murrey land made resistance against them as well as they might, but after calling their neighbours to aid them, they skirmished in such wise, that within two moneths space, there were slaine betwixt them two thousand of the one side and of the other. Donald being not a little Two thousand men slaine. The king went with an armie into Murrey land. The chiefe dooers were put to death. The king went into Northumberland. offended to haue his peace broken with intestine discord, gathered a great power, and with the same hasted into Murrey land: where calling the chiefest dooers and mainteiners of this businesse to make answer to that which was laid to their charge, when they were not able to cleare themselues of the crime, he put them to open execution of death, to the example of other. This trouble being in this sort quieted, he went into Northumberland, to be there in a readinesse, if the Danes or Englishmen (whome he suspected) should attempt anie thing against his subiects in those parties : where in the end, after he had reigned almost 11 yéers, he departed this world. His bodie was buried in Colmekill amongst his Donald died. ancestors, with a marble toome set ouer his graue, as the manner in those daies was customablie vsed.

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