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How Rothorike intreateth for peace and obteineth the same.

ROTHORIKE, when he had well considered with himselfe how the euents of wars are doubtfull and vncerteine, & that as the wiseman saith; "A man of wisedome and vnderstanding is to trie all manner of waies rather than the warres:" and also being somewhat timorous to aduenture the battell with strangers, sendeth his messengers by all the waies they best might, to intreat for peace: who at length through their industrie, and by the mediation of good men, and by Gods goodnesse who prospered the same, obteined the same, and which was concluded in this order. That Dermon Mac Morogh should haue and enioy all Leinster in peace and quietnesse, to him and to his heires, acknowledging. Rothorike to be the chéefe king and monarch of all Ireland, and yéelding vnto him that seruice and dutie as vnto him therein apperteined. And for the performance hereof, he deliuered his sonne Cunthurus in pledge and for an hostage. To whome Rothorike then promised, vpon condition, that the peace and certeine other points obserued, he would giue his daughter vnto him in mariage. These things being openlie published, each partie swore the one to the other, for the performance and kéeping of the same. And yet whatsoeuer the vtter shew, it was secretlie agréed betwéene them, that Dermon Mac Morogh, when and assoone as he had quietlie setled Leinster in good order, he should returne and send home all the English people, as also in the meane time should not procure anie more to come ouer.

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