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The ouerthrow giuen to Hasculphus and the Easterlings or Norwaiemen at Dublin.

AT this time about the feast of Pentecost or Whitsuntide, Hasculphus, who was sometime the chiefe ruler of Dublin, sought by all the waies he could how he might be reuenged for the reproch and shame which he had receiued when the citie of Dublin was taken, and he then driuen to flie to his ship, and to saue himselfe. This man had beene in Norwaie, and in the north Ilands to séeke for some helpe and aid; and hauing obteined the same he came with threescore ships well appointed, and full fraughted with lustie men of warre vnto the coasts of (1) Dublin, minding to assaile the citie, and hoping to recouer the same. And without anie delaiengs he landed and vnshipped his men, who were guided and conducted vnder a capteine named John Wood or John Mad, for so the word Wood meaneth. They were all mightie men of warre, and well appointed after the Danish maner, being harnessed with good brigandines, iacks, and shirts of male; their shields, bucklers, and targets were round, and coloured red, and bound about with iron: and as they were in armor, so in minds also they were as iron strong and mightie.

These men being set in battell araie, and in good order, doo march onwards towards the east gate of the citie of Dublin, there minding to giue th' assault, and with force to make entrie. Miles Cogan then warden of the citie, a man verie valiant and lustie, although his men and people were verie few, and as it were but a handfull in respect of the others: yet boldlie giueth the aduenture and onset vpon his enimies: but when he saw his owne small number not to be able to resist nor withstand so great force, and they still pressing & inforcing vpon him, he was driuen to retire backe with all his companie, and with the losse of manie of his men, and of them one being verie well armed, yet was his thigh cut off cleane at a stroke with a Galloglasse axe. But Richard Cogaun brother vnto Miles, vnderstanding how hardlie the matter passed and had sped with his brother, suddenlie and secretlie with a few men issueth out at the south posterne or gate of the citie, and stealing vpon the backs of his enimies, maketh a great shout, and therewith sharpelie giueth the onset vpon them. At which sudden chance they were so dismaied, that albeit some fighting before, and some behind, the case was doubtfull, & the euent vncerteine: yet at length they fled and ran awaie, and the most part of them were slaine, and namelie John Wood, whom with others John of Ridensford tooke and killed. Hasculphus fleeing to his ships was so sharpelie pursued, that vpon the sands he was taken, but saued; and for the greater honour of the victorie was caried backe aliue into the citie as a captine, where he was sometime the chiefe ruler and gouernour: and there hée was kept till he should compound for his ransome. And then he being brought and presented to Miles Cogan, in the open sight and audience of all the people, and fretting much for this euill fortune and ouerthrow, suddenlie and in great rage brake out into these speeches, saieng: "We are come hither now but a small companie, and a few of vs, and these are but the beginings of our aduentures; but if God send me life, you shall sée greater matters insue and follow". Miles Cogan when he heard these words (for in the toong standeth both life and death, the lord abhorreth the proud heart, and verie badlie dooth he ease his greefe which augmenteth his sorrow) commanded him to be beheaded. And so the life to him before courteouslie granted, he by his fondnesse did foolishlie lose it.

(1) The port or hauen of Dublin is a barred hauen, and no great ships doo come to the towne it selfe but at a spring or high water, and therefore they doo lie in a certeine rode without the barre, which is about foure or fiue miles from the citie, and the same is called Ringwood; and from thence to Holie hed in Wales is counted the shortest cut betwéene England and Ireland.

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