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How Rothorike of Connagh, and all his whole armie was discomfited.

IMMEDIATLIE vpon the foresaid persuasions, cuerie man with all spéed had made him selfe readie and got on his armor, thinking it too long yer they did bicker with the enimie: and being all assembled and in good arraie, they diuided them into thrée wings or wards, though in number they were verie few. In the first was Reimond with twentie gentlemen and his few soldiers. In the second Miles Cogan with thirtie gentlemen and his other few soldiers. And in the third was the earle and Maurice Fitzgerald with fortie gentlemen and all their soldiors. And in euerie ward were some of all the citizens, sauing such as were appointed for the gard and safetie of the citie. Thus all things being set in an order, they suddenlie in the morning about nine of the clocke issued out, but not without some conteution and controuersie: for they striued among themselues, who should haue the fore ward, and giue the onset vpon the enimies, who were in number about thirtie thousand: neuerthelesse they in the end agréed and applointed in order how all things, should be doone: and forthwith issued out and gaue the onset vpon their enimies, who then were out of araie and order, being vnwares of their comming. Reimond among the first being the tirst was foremost, & gaue the first aduenture, and striking two of his enimies through with his lance or staffe slue them both. Meilerius also and Girald and Alexander the two sonnes of Maurice, although they were in the rereward; yet they were so hot vpon the spurre, and followed in such Iustie maner, that they were as forward as the foremost, and right valiantlie did ouerthrow and kill manie of the enimies.

The like valiant minds were in all the whole residue, who now striued & serued all for the best game: and so lastilie they acquitted themselues, that the enimies being afraid, were falne to take their héeles and to run aware. But they still followed and pursued them euen vntill night, still murthering & spoiling them. Rothorike the king himselfe trusted so much in the great troops and multitudes of his people; that he thought nothing lesse, than that so small a number as were within, would issue out and giue the onset vpon so manie as were without. And therfore taking his pleasuŕe and pastance, lie was then a bathing: but when he heard how the game went, and how his men were discomfited & the most part fled or flieng awaie, lie neither tarried for his chamberleine to apparell him, nor for his page to help him: but with all the hast and post hast he could, he turneth a faire paire of heeles and runneth awaie: and albeit he were verie sharpelie pursued, yet (though hardlie he escaped. At night all the companie being returned, they recouered themselues into the citie againe: not onelie with the honor of the field, but also with great booties and preies of vittels, armor, and other trash. Immediatlie also were dispersed the other camps, namelie the archbishops, Machiaghlin, Machelewn, Gillemeholocke and Okeneelos, who had all the force of Lemster, sauing a few of Kencile and Wexfotrd: and these were incamped on the south side. Likewise Ororike of Meth, Okarrell of Vriell, Mac Shaghline and Ocadise whic were incamped on the north side raised their campes and shifted for themselues. On the morrow, all things being set in good order, and good watch appointed for the safe kéeping and custodie of the citie, they march towards Wexford, and take the higher waie by Odroue.

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