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The earle leauing Wexford vpon the newes that Fitzstephens was in hold, went to Waterford, and from thenes sailed into England, & was reconciled to the king.

AS the earle was marching towards Guefford, and was come to the borders therof, certeine messengers met him, and shewed to him the mischance happened vnto Robert Fitzstephans, and of the setting on fire the towne of Wexford: adding moreouer, that the traitors were fullie determined if they trauelled anie further towards them, they would cut off all the heads of Fitzstephans and his companie, and send them vnto him. Wherevpon with heauie cheare & sorrowfull hearts they change their minds, and turne towards Waterford. Where when they were come, they found Heruie now latelie returned from the king with a message and letters from him vnto the earle, persuading and requiring him to come ouer into England vnto him. Wherevpon the earle prepared and made himlsele readie, and as soone as wind and weather serued he tooke shipping, and caried Hernie along with him. And being landed he rode towards the king, and met him at a towne called Newham néere vnto Glocester, where he was in readines with a great armie to saile ouer into Irland. Where after sundrie & manie altereations passed betweene them, at length by means of Heruie the kings displeasure was appeased, and it was agreed that the erle should sweare allegeance to the king, and yéeld and surrender vnto him the citie of Dublin, with the cantreds thervnto adioining, as also all such towns and forts as were bordering vpon the sea side. And as ior the residue he should haue and reteine to him and his heirs, holding the same of the king & of his heirs. These things thus concluded, the king with his armie marched along by Seuerne side, & the sea coasts of (1) Westwales, vnto the towne (2) of Penbroke, where he taried vntill lie had assembled all his armie in (3) Milford hauen there to be shipped.

(1) Westwales in Latine is named Demetia, and is that which is now called Penbrokeshire It reacheth from the seas on the north vnto the seas on the south. In the west part thereof is the bishops sée of Mencue named saint Danids: and on the east side it bordereth vpon Southwales named Dehenbart In this part were the Flemmings placed first.

(2) Penbroke is the chiefest towne of all Demetia, and lieth on the east side of Milford hauen, wherein was sometimes a verie strong, castell builded (as some write) by a noble man named Arnulph Montgomer.

(3) Milford is a famous and a goodlie harborough lieng in Demetia, or Westwales. The Welshmen name it the mouth of two swords. It hath two branches or armes, the one flowing hard to Hauerford west, and the other thorough the countrie named Rossia

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