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Rothorike O Connor the monarch and all the princes in Vlster submit and yeeld themselues vnto the king, as he passeth towards Dublin.

THESE things thus doon at Waterford, the king left Robert Fitzbarnard there with his houshold, and marched himselfe to Dublin through the countrie of Ossorie: and staieng somewhat by the waie in his iourneie, there came and resorted vnto him out of euerie place there the great men & princes, as namelie Machelan Ophelan prince of Ossorie, Mache Talewie, Othwelie Gillemeholoch, Ochadese, O Carell of Uriell & Ororike of Meth: all which yeelded & submitted them selues to the king in their owne persons, & became his vassals, & swore fealtie. But Rothorike the monarch came no néerer than to the riuer side of the (1) Shenin, which diuideth Connagh from Meth, & there Hugh de Lacie and William Fitzaldeline by the kings commandement met him, who desiring peace submitted himselfe, swore allegiance, became tributarie, and did put in (as all others did) hostages and peldges for the kéeping of the same. Thus was all Ireland sauing Vlster brought in subiection, and euerie particular prince in his proper person did yéeld and submit himselfe, sauing onelie Rothorike, the then monarch of all Ireland; and yet by him and in his submission all the residue of the whole land became the kings subiects, and submitted themselues. For indéed there was no one nor other within that land, who was of anie name or countenance, but that he did present himselfe before the kings maiestie, and yéelded vnto him subiection and due obedience.

And then was fulfilled the old and vulgar prophesie of S. Molin; "Before him all Prophesies of Merlin and Melin fulfilled. the princes shall fall downe, and vnder a dissembled submission shall obteine fauor and grace." Likewise the prophesie of Merlin; "All the birds of that Iland shall flée to his light, and the greater birds shall be taken & brought into captiuitie, and their wings shall be burned." Also the old prophesie of Merlin Ambrose; "Fiue portions shall be brouglht into one, & the sixt shall breake and ouerthrow the walles of Ireland. That which Ambrose nameth heere the sixt, Celidonius nameth the fift, as appeareth in his booke of prophesies. Now when the feast of Christmasse did approch and draw neere, manie and the most part of the princes of that land resorted and made repaire vnto Dublin, to sée the kings court: and when they saw the great abundance of vittels, and the noble seruices, as. also the eating of cranes, which they much lothed, being not before accustomed therevnto, they much woondered and maruelled thereat: but in the end they being by the kings commandement set downe, did also there eat and drinke among them. At this time there were certeine soldiors, being bowmen, seassed at Finglas, and they hewed and cut downe the trees which grew about the churchyard, which had beene there planted of old time by certeine good and holie men: and all these soldiors suddenlie fell sicke of the pestilence and died all: as is more at large declared in our topographie.

(1) The Shenin is the cheefest and most famous riuer in that land, and dooth in a manner inuiron and inclose all Connagh, & diuideth it from the prouinces of Mounster and Meth: his head and spring is in the hill named Thorne, which bordereth vpon O Connor Slegos counttie, not farre from the riuer of the Banne in Vister, and in length is supposed to be about a hundred and twentie English miles. It is increased with sundrie brooks, and diuerse riuers run into the same; the chéefest whereof is that which riseth and commeth out of the logh or lake Foile. In it are manie loghs or lakes of great quantitie or bignesse, which are maruelouslie replenished and stored with abundance of fish; the chéefest of which are the logh Rie, and the logh Derigid. It is nauigable aboue thrée score miles, and vpon it standeth the most famous citie of Limerike. There is onlie one bridlge ouer it, builded of late yeares at Alone, by the right honorable sir Henrie Sidneie knight, then lord deputie of the realme.

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